​​​​Is It Wrong To Be Depressed?

Let’s say you have perfect health, wonderful friends and family, millions of dollars, and lots of other advantages in life. Is it wrong for you to be depressed?

On the other hand, let’s say that you’ve just lost a child. Is it right to be depressed?

Before you answer this question, be aware that thinking it’s ever right or wrong for you to be depressed is a trap that makes it harder for you to get rid of depression.

For this reason, it’s important that you learn a better, smarter, more useful way to think about depression.

Stop thinking that depression is wrong

If you think that it’s wrong for you to be depressed, you naturally think there are reasons why you shouldn’t be depressed.

This type of thinking works against you by adding “baggage” to your depressed state. After all, you feel bad and guilty about being depressed, due to thinking that you’re doing something bad or wrong by experiencing depression!

In such a way, this kind of thinking adds stress and anxiety to your life, and makes you feel worse and more depressed, which is the exact opposite direction you want to go.

This makes it a very negative way of thinking that you’re better off without.

Stop thinking that depression is right

On the other hand, if you think that it’s right for you to be depressed, you naturally think that you should be depressed.

When you think this way, you are naturally motivated to stay depressed, due to thinking that you’re doing something good or right by remaining depressed! In other words, on some level you like being depressed, and will naturally do things to stay that way.

Also, if you take action to stop being depressed, you’ll naturally feel like you’re doing something bad or wrong by getting rid of depression, so you’ll naturally revert back to a depressed state, since depression feels right to you.

Either way you look at it, the result of thinking like this is that you stay depressed.

Why it’s neither right nor wrong to be depressed

When a balloon loses its air, it becomes deflated. When you lose your air, you become depressed.

Just as it’s absurd to think of it as being right or wrong for a balloon to be deflated, it’s absurd to think of it as being right or wrong for you to be depressed.

Depression is just a condition. That’s all it is.

Depression might be perfectly understandable at times, like when you lose a child, but that doesn’t make it right.

Similarly, depression can be a miserable headache, but that doesn’t ever make it wrong.

So instead of thinking about depression in terms of right or wrong, which doesn’t make much sense and works against you, it’s important to think about depression in a better, more useful way that helps you get rid of depression faster and easier.

Why depression is ok (but not great)

The best way to think of depression is like this: it’s a condition that’s ok, but it’s something that you’re always better off eliminating as quickly as possible.

To understand this, think about how depression alerts you to opportunities for improvement in your life, like improving your thoughts or lifestyle to feel better and happier.

Certainly, it’s ok for depression to alert you to these things and get your attention like this. But at the same time, you want to elminate depression as soon as you can.

After all, your quality of life will greatly suffer if you continue to feel depressed, without every making any changes to improve your life.

In this way, depression is clearly ok, but at the same time it’s something that you want to eliminate as soon as possible.

The power of thinking that depression is ok but not preferable

Once you stop thinking that depression is right or wrong, and instead think of depression as being a condition that’s ok, but something that you want to eliminate quickly, your situation immediately improves for the better.

This is because you experience a lot more peace of mind about being depressed, since you don’t consider it “wrong”. Furthermore, you have no interest in continuing being depressed, since you don’t think that it’s “right”.

The result is that you already feel better and more at peace about your condition, and this improvement in how you feel already helps lift you out of depression.

At the same time, you find it easier to let go of depression and became happier, especially since you’re motivated to get rid of it as soon as possible.

The overall result is that this change in thought helps you become and remain depression-free in a faster, easier way, which makes it a very smart change in thinking.

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