​​​​Can You Beat Depression On Your Own?

Is it possible to overcome depression on your own?

When you’re struggling with depression, you’re bombarded by people telling you how weak and helpless you are, and how you need other people’s help to stop being depressed. In other words, the overwhelming message is that you can’t do it on your own.

However, it is important to appreciate that you definitely can get rid of depression on your own, because appreciating this helps you become and remain depression-free faster and easier.

Stop believing that you can’t get rid of depression on your own

Unfortunately, when you believe the lie that you can’t cure depression on your own, you feel more weak and helpless. This makes you feel worse about yourself, makes you have less self confidence, and also creates greater feelings of stress and anxiety about your situation.

All of this contributes to depression, and makes it harder for you to stop being depressed.

Furthermore, if you seek help for depression and end up feeling better, you end up giving credit to someone else for getting you out of depression, rather than to yourself, since you think you couldn’t have gotten rid of depression without their help.

In this way, you develop confidence in the help of others, but you don’t develop self confidence. Indeed, you end up feeling perpetually anxious that you will lapse back into depression without the help of others, since you believe you need other people’s help to remain depression free.

This type of perpetual stress and lower self confidence makes it predictable that you will struggle with depression for much longer, which is another reason why it’s important to stop believing that you need other people’s help to stop being depressed.

How can I get rid of depression on my own?

On the other hand, when you believe that you can cure depression on your own, you feel stronger and more capable. This makes you feel better about yourself, makes you have more self confidence, and also makes you feel more calm and relaxed about your situation.

All of these positive emotions help lift your spirits, which already starts getting you out of depression faster and easier. So this is how to get yourself out of depression quicker by believing in yourself, and feeling better about yourself and your situation.

Furthermore, with this positive belief you are more motivated to do things on your own to become depression-free, like improving your thinking and lifestyle. As a result of doing these things, you prove to yourself beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can eliminate depression without others.

In this way, your confidence in yourself grows and grows, which only makes it even easier for you to become and remain depression-free.

For all these reasons, believing that you can get rid of depression on your own is a self-fulfilling belief that helps you eliminate depression. Indeed, it is how to cure depression by yourself by believing you can do it.

Why you definitely can get rid of depression on your own

Starting right now, appreciate that whether or not anyone helps you with depression, you are ultimately going to be the one who gets you out of depression. Not anyone else.

Think about it: what causes depression is your thinking, so when you stop being depressed, it’s because you changed your thinking in some way. As much as other people might want to help you, nobody else can do this for you.

The great news is that you’ve already got everything it takes to get rid of depression on your own. In fact, no one in the world can stop you from getting rid of depression, if you decide that it’s something you want to do.

First of all, you can definitely change your thinking without anyone else’s help, which is the most important thing. Already, you’ve been learning how to change your thinking with this course, and you can also use tools like the Negative Thinking Buster to change your thoughts even faster.

Second, you can get rid of depression very fast by combining the 6 Depression-Free Changes, and you’ve already learned how getting rid of depression can be easy (or at least a lot easier than may people think), depending on what you do.

When you consider all this, as well as the fact that you are taking an intelligent, effective, proven approach for eliminating depression for good, you have every reason in the world to believe that you can definitely eliminate depression on your own. At this point, it’s simply a matter of doing it.

You can get rid of depression on your own, even if you get help

Of course, it’s fine if you decide to get help from other people, like family, friends, or a therapist.

But if you choose to get help from others, appreciate that you can get rid of depression on your own, and that you are simply seeking help to get rid of depression even faster and easier.

With this mentality, you can benefit from other people’s help, and at the same time enjoy greater peace of mind and confidence if others aren’t around to help you.

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