​​​​How To Become Happy & Stay Happy Consistently

The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to become happier & stay happy consistently is to:

  • Eliminate negative thinking that makes you feel sad, miserable, or depressed
  • Start thinking in positive ways that make you feel happier, instead

Here’s why.

Why improving your thinking is the most important factor for happiness

There are 3 main reasons why improving your thinking is the most important factor for becoming happier and staying happy consistently:

  1. Eliminating negative thinking is fast & effective: the moment you eliminate a negative thought, you are immediately relieved of negative or unpleasant emotions associated with the thought  

Just think about it:

  • Whenever you have dark, negative thoughts, don’t you tend to feel bad?
  • And whenever you stop having those dark, negative thoughts, don’t you immediately feel better, as if you’ve been relieved of some form of pain or mental torture?
  • The lesson: eliminating negative thinking is like eliminating the source of a headache, which is why you immediately feel better when you stop having negative thoughts
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  • It’s important to appreciate that the benefits of eliminating negative thinking are immediate, as in no time lapse whatsoever
  • So even if you believe drugs, pills, or any form of ‘medication’ helps you become happier, eliminating negative thinking beats these things with its speed and effectiveness
  • And, of course, it benefits you without creating any sort of unpleasant, negative side effects, or without creating any chemical or psychological dependence on drugs

  1. Thinking more positively is the key to feeling happier: the moment you think more positively, you immediately feel better and enjoy life more  

Just think about it:

  • Whenever you have uplifting, positive thoughts, don’t you tend to feel great?
  • Isn’t life naturally more enjoyable and worthwhile when you’re thinking this way?
  • The lesson: thinking more positively literally provides you with positive value to enjoy and be happy about, so it is an essential ‘ingredient’ for becoming happier
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  • Again: you feel better immediately when you think more positively, which means that thinking more positively is simply faster and more effective for becoming happier than any pill or drug on the market
  • Also, it’s important to appreciate that while negative thinking relieves you of the ‘headache’ of negative emotions, it is positive thinking that actually provides the positive value for you to enjoy and be happy about
  • So, in this way, eliminating negative thinking and thinking more positively are both essential for becoming happier, but they help you become happier in two different ways

  1. You will remain sad, depressed, and unhappy until you think more positively: it’s that simple  

There are a variety of things you can do to become happier, including getting more exercise, enjoying sunlight every day, and getting plenty of sleep each night.

However, improving your thinking is by far the most important factor for becoming happier, and staying happy consistently, because:

  • If you think like a miserable, unhappy, depressed person, you’re going to remain a miserable, unhappy, depressed person, no matter what else you do
  • For example, even if you get tons of exercise every day, plenty of sunlight, and also plenty of sleep…
  • If you continue thinking in miserable ways, you’re going to remain miserable, and all the exercise, sunlight, and sleep in the world won’t change that
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  • Fortunately, the inverse is also true
  • If you develop a stronger, happier, more positive mindset, you can be happy no matter what
  • So, clearly, eliminating negative thinking and thinking more positively is by far the most important for becoming a consistently happy person

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