​​​​Be Optimistic About Becoming Happier

If you want to stop being sad, depressed, or unhappy, and achieve happiness faster and easier, it’s important that you:

  • Stop being pessimistic about eliminating sad, depressing, unhappy emotions & becoming happier
  • Start being optimistic about feeling happier & staying happy consistently, instead

Here’s why.

Why be optimistic about becoming happier?

There are 3 main reasons for eliminating any pessimism about becoming a consistently happier person, and for being more optimistic about this instead:

  1. Pessimism about becoming happier makes it more challenging for you to become happy: indeed, it naturally makes you feel bad and brings you down, which is exactly what you’re trying to eliminate  

When you’re pessimistic about becoming happier:

  • You have less energy and motivation to become happier
  • So you predictably do less things that would make you happier (like improving your thinking)
  • As a result, you predictably have way less success and achievement in becoming happier
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  • Also, when you’re pessimistic about becoming happier, your spirits naturally feel ‘down’, so this pessimistic outlook helps create the very type of feeling that you’re trying to eliminate in the first place
  • If you’ve struggled a lot with being happy in the past, and have frequently found yourself feeling sad, depressed, and miserable, it might be normal and natural for you to feel pessimistic about becoming happier, much less staying happy consistently…
  • So, if this is the case, it’s important for you to appreciate that this type of pessimism is a huge factor in why you consistently stay sad, unhappy, and depressed rather than becoming happier, and that you now have an opportunity to eliminate this factor & immediately improve your situation as a result

  1. Optimism about becoming happier helps you become happier faster and easier: indeed, it already naturally makes you feel better, which is exactly what you want  

When you’re optimistic about becoming happier:

  • You naturally have more energy and motivation to become happier
  • So you predictably do more things to become happier (like improving your thinking)
  • As a result, you naturally have way more success and achievement becoming happier
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  • Also, when you’re optimistic about becoming happier and staying happy consistently, your spirits naturally feel ‘up’, so this optimistic outlook creates the very feeling that you want in the first place
  • Indeed, you naturally feel stronger and full of life: not only do these things feel good, already making you feel happier in and of themselves, but they also propel you on to achieving greater and greater happiness
  • So if you’ve struggled with being happy in the past, it’s very important that you develop a more optimistic outlook about becoming happier, and deliberately eliminate any pessimism about this: the more optimism, the better, but even simply being open to the possibility of becoming happier is enough to open the door to bigger and better things

  1. You already have everything it takes to become happier (a functioning mind, and the capacity to improve you’re thinking), and you’re using tools and a program that makes this change even easier: so it makes sense to be optimistic  

When you think of how useless, self-destructive, and counter-productive it is to be pessimistic about becoming happier, and how useful, constructive, and effective it is to be optimistic about this, instead, it already makes sense to start developing a more optimistic outlook.

But as if all these reasons weren’t enough already, you also have some additional reasons to be optimistic about becoming happier:

  • The most important factor for becoming happier is to improve your thinking, and you are fully capable of doing this (after all, this is what learning is all about)
  • You are using tools and a program which not only teach you which negative thoughts to stop thinking, and which positive thoughts to start thinking, instead, to feel happier faster and easier…
  • But you are also learning step by step how to make these changes in thinking on a deep level, to create immediate, powerful changes in your life
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  • So, while you’re doing this, not only are you naturally feeling better immediately, with every improvement in thinking that you make…
  • But you’re also developing a learned skill, which will serve you very well in life, and make it even easier for you to stay consistently happy in the future
  • So, when you consider all this, not only is it clearly acceptable, and valid to be optimistic about becoming happier, but it also clearly makes complete sense, each and every way that you think about it

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Then, eliminate negative thoughts that make you pessimistic about becoming happier, and replace them with positive thoughts that make you more optimistic about becoming happier, instead.

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