​​​​How To Stop Being Depressed And Be Happy

If you want to stop being depressed, it’s important that you make it your clear goal to replace depression with happiness.

Right now, you’ll learn 3 reasons why making this your goal helps you become depression-free faster and easier. You’ll also learn how to get rid of depression and feel happy again by taking daily steps to achieve greater happiness.

How to be happy and beat depression by having purpose

If you want to get rid of depression, that’s great. But how do you want to feel instead?

To understand why it’s important to know this, imagine that you get into a taxi at the airport, and you tell the driver that you don’t want to be at the airport anymore.

That’s fine, but until the driver knows where you actually want to go, you won’t go anywhere. After all, you haven’t provided a clear destination that he can drive towards.

It’s very similar with depression. You might not want to be depressed anymore, but if you don’t know how you want to feel, instead, you won’t start going in a clear, positive direction.

In other words, you’ll remain depressed due to lack of a targeted destination!

Making happiness your clear goal neatly solves this problem. It gives you a target that you want to hit, which naturally makes it easier to go in that positive direction, and away from depression, which is exactly what you want.

So this is how to beat depression and find happiness by having a clear goal.

When you’re happy, you’re not depressed

The purpose of this course is to help you eliminate depression. But how do you know for sure when you’ve achieved your goal, and that your depression is gone?

You could waste a lot of time wondering things like, “Am I depressed or just unhappy and really sad?” Often there’s not a clear answer to that question.

But when you’re happy, you can know without a doubt that you’re definitely not depressed anymore.

So making happiness your goal is very smart, because it means when you achieve being happy, even if you’re just a little happy, you know without a doubt that you have gotten rid of depression, which is wonderful.

At that point, your goal is then to become happier and remain depression-free.

So this is how to overcome depression and be happy, and know without a doubt that you’re not depressed anymore.

Happiness is a good goal that motivates you

Finally, if you want to stop being depressed, you’re likely motivated to stop feeling bad. But what if you could not only stop feeling bad, but feel great, instead?

Well, you can. After all, when you’re happy, you feel great. It’s that simple.

Think about it: when you experience happiness, your life is easier and more enjoyable. You enjoy higher confidence and self esteem, and find it easier to socially interact with other people.

Indeed, life, in general, just feels way more meaningful and worthwhile overall.

So happiness is a great, wonderful thing to strive towards, because it helps energize and motivate you to get rid of depression. Even better, once you do attain happiness, you’ve attained something wonderful that you can’t put a price on. It’s that good.

So this is how to get over depression and be happy faster by being motivated to achieve something wonderful: greater happiness.

Take action to replace depression with happiness today

You’ve just learned why making it your goal to replace depression with happiness helps you “magically” get rid of depression a lot faster and easier.

Now that you have this clear goal, make sure that you take daily steps to achieve it.

The easiest way to do this is with the Daily Happiness Tool. It helps you think more positively and improve your thinking every day, which is by far the most important factor for becoming happy and depression-free.

Also, the tool helps you track what other things you’re doing to eliminate depression and feel happy, like getting exercise and sunlight, socially interacting with people, getting plenty of sleep, and so on.

So start using the Daily Happiness Tool today, and see how how much better and happier you feel at the end of the week.

This is how to end depression and be happy in a very simple, easy, straightforward way that allows you to track and appreciate your progress every day.

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