​​​​How To Stop Feeling Sad, Depressed, Or Unhappy

Start getting rid or unhappiness, sadness, or depression in your life in just 5 minutes or less by following the steps below. Learn more.

  • This will feel impossible and never happen, if you don’t know what to do (or don’t do anything)
  • This will feel easy and happen fast, if you know exactly what to do & then do it

Following the 3 steps makes it fast and easy

3 Easy Steps

  1. Know why you want to stop feeling sad, depressed, or unhappy  

This energizes and motivates your mind to help you achieve what you want faster and easier (rather than work against you).

Here are the two biggest overall reasons for getting rid of sadness, unhappiness, or depression:

  1. Your life will improve when you are free of the negative effects of sadness, unhappiness, or depression: here are at least 5 negative effects you’ll be better off without  

When you feel sad, depressed, or unhappy:

  • Life is naturally less enjoyable for you, and as a result, it also tends to feel less meaningful and worthwhile as well
  • So your spirits feel ‘down’, and you naturally feel less full of life, energy, and motivation
  • With less energy and motivation, you predictably enjoy less success and achievement (and any success or achievement you do have is naturally way more challenging)
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  • Also, you tend to have less peace of mind; among other things, this more stressful mindset can interfere with the quality of your sleep
  • Indeed, you might find yourself sleeping more, since you have less energy and motivation, but without enjoying as much restful sleep
  • Unfortunately, a more stressful mindset and less restful sleep can have an adverse effect on your physical health
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  • All of these factors combined make it more challenging for you to ‘go out’ and do things, and naturally lead you to ‘withdraw’ more from others, and life, in general
  • Indeed, you naturally tend to enjoy social interactions much less, which is yet another way that life can start feeling less meaningful and worthwhile to you
  • Overall, this type of emotional state can take a toll on your life in numerous ways, especially the longer it lasts, which is why you’re naturally better off not feeling this way

  1. It makes sense to improve your life and get rid of sadness, unhappiness, and depression, especially considering that you are fully capable of doing it  

It is neither right nor wrong to feel sad, depressed, or unhappy. These are simply different ways of feeling that any person can feel.

But when you consider the potential destructive impact that sadness, unhappiness, and depression can take on your life, it certainly makes a great deal of sense to get rid of these ‘negative’ emotions as soon as possible.

Indeed, it especially makes sense to do this, when you consider:

  • The most important factor for feeling better is to improve your thinking
  • You have a functioning mind and are fully capable of improving your thinking, so why on earth would you not do it, especially since you appreciate how much it would immediately benefit you?
  • Indeed, you are using tools and a program that make this even easier for you to do, so it makes complete sense to do it (and the sooner, the better)
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  • Also, you can think of ‘negative’ emotions like sadness or unhappiness as being your mind’s way of alerting you that you have some sort of issue to address (much like a ringing fire alarm alerts you to the issue of fire or smoke)
  • With this type of understanding, you can appreciate how there’s nothing ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about being sad, depressed, or unhappy, any more than there’s anything ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about a fire alarm ringing
  • Instead, it simply makes sense to improve your situation, mind, and well-being, and to naturally make the alarm stop ringing as a result

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  1. Learn which negative thoughts make you feel sad, depressed, or unhappy  

This knowledge empowers you to achieve what you want.

You can think of sadness, depression, and unhappiness as being emotions created by the following types of negative thinking:

  1. Focusing on things of negative value to you  


  • You naturally have less happiness and enjoyment, since you’re not focusing on anything of positive value to enjoy
  • You naturally feel bad and unhappy, due to focusing on negative value
  • The more negative value you see, the more miserable, sad, depressed, and unhappy you’ll predictably become

  1. Perceiving any positive value that you see as not good enough for you to be pleased or satisifed with it  


  • You reject the positive value, due to thinking of it as ‘not good enough’ for you
  • As a result, you don’t accept or enjoy the positive value at all
  • And this means you are not pleased, satisfied, or happy, no matter how much  positive value you see

  1. Valuing sadness, depression, and unhappiness, and wanting to feel sad, depressed, or unhappy on some level  


  • The more you value sadness, depression, and unhappiness, (for example, seeing them as ‘deep’ emotions or as signs of intelligence), the more you are energized and motivated to act and think in ways that will make you feel sad, depressed, or unhappy
  • Also, the more you want to be sad, depressed, or unhappy, for whatever reason (for example, thinking it’s ‘right’, or normal, or ‘good’), the more your mind will be compelled to ‘help you’ think in ways that make you feel sad, depressed, or unhappy
  • The combined result of all of this is that you naturally feel more sad, depressed, or unhappy, and it’s a struggle for you to get rid of these emotions (since it’s like fighting against an ocean current that’s continuously moving you in the opposite direction)

Click on any type of negative thinking for more information.

  1. Eliminate those negative thoughts & feel better  

This gets the job done.

Some additional things to appreciate:

  • Wanting to stop being sad, depressed, or unhappy for yourself (regardless of whether anyone else wants you to stop feeling this way) is one of the most important keys for getting rid of negative thoughts that make you feel miserable
  • With this clear desire, improvements in how you think and feel flow much more naturally and easily

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Then, get rid of negative thinking that compels you to feel sad, depressed, or unhappy, and feel better in 5 minutes or less.

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