​​​​How To Overcome Lack Of Self Confidence Fast

There is a strong relationship between a lack of self confidence and depression, because when you lack confidence in yourself and your abilities, you naturally have lower self esteem and feel worse about yourself, which makes you more prone to depression.

This is how a lack of self confidence leads to depression for some people.

Fortunately, the inverse is also true: the more self confident you are overall, the easier it becomes for you to become and remain depression-free.

After all, the morse self confident you are, the better you feel about yourself, your abilities, and your future, which naturally makes it easier for you to be depression-free.

For this reason, you’re going to learn how to overcome low self confidence quickly by appreciating your capablities more and developing greater self confidence. This is how to regain self confidence after depression in an easy, powerful way, so that you feel good about yourself rather than depressed.

How can I improve my self confidence?

A quick shortcut to greater self confidence boils down to one powerful word: can

If you think you can do things, you are already self confident to some degree. Then, if you go one step further and believe you will, you become very self confident. In this way, we start entering the territory of degrees of self confidence.

To understand this, consider the classic story of “The Little Engine That Could”, in which the Little Engine gets over a hill by repeating “I think I can, I think I can”. 

By thinking he can get over the hill, the Little Engine has some self confidence. If he thought “I will definitely get over the hill, no doubt about it”, he’d have even more self confidence.

The more self confidence you have, the better off you are, since you feel better about yourself, your capablities, and your future, and you’re naturally more energized and motivated to take action to achieve things you want to achieve. This naturally translates into greater success, which means that confidence is a very useful tool that benefits your life in so many ways.

For now, though, the important thing to appreciate is that you can quickly boost your self confidence just by appreciating all the things you can do and achieve.

Why do I lack confidence in myself?

You’ve just learned you can develop greater self confidence by appreciating all your capabilities and everything you can do and achieve. Now be aware that you will naturally drain your self confidence by focusing on things you “can’t” or “won’t” do.

For example, if the Little Engine That Could started thinking “I can’t or won’t get over the mountain”, he’d create a lack of confidence in himself and his abilities.

As a result, he’d naturally feel worse about himself and his abilities, and he’d have less motivation (or perhaps none at all) to even try to get over the mountain. The predictable result of all this is that he’d have much less success getting over the mountain, which would then “confirm” his belief that he can’t or won’t ever do it.

In this way, he’d become a very sad Little Engine, who felt weak, powerless, and helpless, and he’d feel like he’d already “proven” how incapable he was. All of this would make him naturally far more prone to depression.

The big insight, here, is that a lack of self confidence can have a huge, negative impact on your life that contributes to depression and less success, so it is definitely worth eliminating and replacing with greater self confidence, which helps you become and remain depression-free, as well as helps you be more successful.

The great news is that it’s very easy to replace a lack of confidence with greater self confidence, just by changing your thinking from “can’t or won’t” to “can or will”, and to immediately improve your life in every way as a result.

How to build self confidence fast

Again, a key “secret” to building self confidence is to replace thoughts of “can’t or won’t” with thoughts of “can or will”. Whether or not you’ve been aware of it, you’re already been doing this a lot in this course, so you’ve already been strengthening your self confidence with what you’ve learned.

Right now, you’re going to learn some very common thoughts that create a lack of self confidence, as well as what you’ve learned and gained to create greater self confidence.

With this in mind, here are 5 thoughts that make you lack self confidence, and what to do about them.

1. “I can’t achieve things I want to achieve.”

To improve your thinking, you’ve learned how to be more optimistic, and how to focus on the likelihood that you can and will achieve things you want to achieve.

And in this course, you’ve learned how to develop confidence that you can and will eliminate depression for good by improving your thinking and lifestyle, which is an extremely powerful form of self confidence that helps you become and remain depression-free faster and easier.

Bottom line, whenever your doubt your ability to achieve things, intelligently recognize that you can and will achieve things you want to achieve with enough time, effort, and perseverance. This helps boost your self confidence, which naturally helps make you more successful achieving what you want to achieve.

2. “I can’t accept or handle certain things.”

You’ve learned how this is an extremely negative way of thinking that creates a lot of stress and anxiety, as well as low self esteem and self confidence.

To not think this way anymore, and be more self confident, you’ve learned how to intelligently develop and accept the belief that you definitely can accept and handle anything in a constructive way.

3. “I can’t improve my situation or well-being without other people’s help.”

This is a negative way of thinking that drains your self confidence, makes you feel needy and insecure, and makes you highly dependent on other people for help, which puts you in an even weaker and more vulnerable position.

Unfortunately, it can be very common to think this way when you’re dealing with depression, especially because when you’re struggling with depression, you’re bombarded by messages telling you how weak and powerless you are, and how you need other people’s help to get better.

To improve your thinking, you learned how to intelligently develop the belief that you can get rid of depression on your own, and that if you do get help from others, it’s just to eliminate depression even faster and easier.

Furthermore, the 7 Day Depression-Free Challenge has helped you build self confidence in your ability to improve your situation and well-being on your own.

4. “I can’t learn, gain, or benefit from some negative outcomes that will only hurt me.”

You learned how this negative way of thinking destroys your self confidence and creates a lot of fear and anxiety, and how to intelligenty develop the belief that you can learn, gain, and therefore benefit from anything constructively, so that you become a stronger person as a result.

This means that what you initially assume are ‘bad’ outcomes might not be so bad after all, especially since you can become stronger from them in some way.

A relevant case in point is depression. You’ve learned how to appreciate that you can learn, gain, and benefit from depression in a constructive way, especially since depression is like a ringing fire alarm that alerts you that you can improve your thinking and lifestyle to improve your well-being.

By taking this approach to depression, you naturally feel far more confident dealing with depression, and you emerge from depression stronger and better off than ever before.

5. “I can’t value myself or my capabilities, or feel good about myself.”

This negative way of thinking not only creates a lack of self-confidence, but also destroys your self esteem, which makes you naturally struggle way more with depression.

You’re going to learn more about how to deal with this particular type of lack of self confidence, but you can start right now by challenging this negative thought, and appreciating that you can and will value yourself and your capabilities, and feel good about yourself, by intelligently improving your thinking.

It’s simply a matter of wanting to do it, learning how to do it, and then doing it.

How to be more self confident: 3 steps

You can learn more about self confidence and how to create it in the Self Confidence Course.

For now, though, here are 3 simple steps to increase your self confidence level faster and easier:

  1. See little or no value in a lack of self confidence, and lots of positive value in greater self confidence. (This will naturally help you let go of negative ways of thinking that contribute to a lack of self confidence, and make it easier for you accept more positive ways of thinking that make you more self confident.)
  2. Be more optimistic instead of pessimistic, and replace thoughts of “can’t or won’t” with thoughts of “can or will” in an intelligent, constructive manner, as you learned how to do in this lesson. (To change your thinking on a deep level, you can use the Positive Thinking Tool as a powerful tool to help you.)
  3. Exercise your capabilities and prove how strong and capable you are to further develop and build your self confidence. (For example, once you appreciate that you can eliminate depression by improving your thinking and lifestyle, take action to do so with the 7 Day Depression-Free Challenge. Seeing improvement in your well-being naturally proves how strong and capable you are, and helps boost your confidence level up even futher.)

By following these 3 simple steps, you will naturally overcome any lack of self confidence and become a much more self confident person very quickly. The result of this is that you will naturally be happier, feel better about yourself, be more successful, and you will find it easier to become and remain depression-free.

So be sure to start following these 3 steps right now to improve your life in every single way.

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