​​​​How To Overcome Negative Thoughts: Don’t Forget This Step

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In this video, you’re going to learn one of the most important steps for getting rid of negative thoughts.

As a teaching tool, I’m using the Positive Thinking Tool. Now let’s get started.

One of the most important and powerful steps to stop thinking a negative thought for good is to consciously choose to stop thinking the negative thought.

To understand why this is so important, imagine that there’s a door that’s open in your house, and it’s letting in the wind and the rain and it’s creating a mess.

You might understand that your life is better off in every way if you just shut that door. But until you choose to take action to improve your situation and do something about it, that door will stay open and your house is going to be a mess as a result.

It’s very similar to how negative thinking works.

You might understand that a negative thought is making you feel miserable, and your life would be so much better off without it, but until you consciously choose to do something about your situation and to get rid of this negative thought, that negative thought is going to stay there.

Now there’s just one catch that I want to explain to you. Even though it’s really important to make this choice to stop thinking negatively, before you do this, it’s really important that you have done two things.

One, you’ve learned why this negative thought is of no value to you at all.

And, two, you understand why it doesn’t make sense to think the negative thought, even if it’s true or valid.

This is something you’ve learned how to do in previous lessons, and if you’ve done those things, then now when you make a choice to stop thinking negatively, it will be very easy to get rid of the negative thought.

But if you haven’t done those things beforehand, it will feel impossible to get rid of the negative thought.

So the lesson here is very simple. Make sure that you make the conscious choice to stop thinking your negative thought, after you know why it has no value to you, and why it makes no sense to think this way.

When you do this, your choice is very effective, and you make it easy to eliminate this negative thought.

If you’re using the Positive Thinking Tool, go ahead and click “eliminate thought” to go to the next step, and I’ll see you in the next lesson.


In this lesson you learned how to overcome negative thoughts by making the conscious choice to stop thinking negatively. You also learned why this choice is only effective if you make the choice after following the steps covered in previous lessons.

This knowledge will make it easier for you to get rid of negative thoughts for good. Continue to the next lesson for more step by step instructions on how to change your thinking.

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