​​​​How To Remain Positive The Smart Way

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In this video you’re going to learn how to think more positively the smart way.

As a teaching tool, I’m using the Positive Thinking Tool. Now let’s get started.

First of all, if you want to start thinking more positively in an intelligent way, it’s really important that you choose to think positive thoughts that you can clearly accept as valid or true.

Now this might seem like a no brainer to you, but it’s not a no brainer to a lot of people, which is why positive thinking sometimes gets a bad rap. For example, some people think of positive thinking as being really fake or phony or delusional, because some of the positive thoughts that people promote are clearly nonsensical.

For example, let’s say that you’re tired of dwelling on all the times you’ve failed in your life and all your lack of achievements. You might say: a more positive thought is “I have successfully achieved everything I ever set out to achieve”.

It might be a more positive thought, but it’s not an intelligent positive thought because it’s clearly false. If you think about it, there are clearly times in your life that you haven’t achieved what you’ve set out to achieve, which means it’s not an intelligent way of thinking.

It’s also not smart because it’s not going to do you any good. Your mind knows that it’s false or invalid, so your mind is going to reject the thought, which means you’re not going to even enjoy the benefits of the thought. It simply won’t work for you.

So a good way to solve this problem is really simple. Again, only choose to think positive thoughts that you can clearly accept as valid or true.

In this case, we’ve identified the thought “I can still achieve a lot of things with my life”, and this clearly is true. As long as you’re living and breathing, you can still achieve a lot of things with your life, so this is completely sensible to think.

Now there are other times with other thoughts that you’re dealing with other things like opinions. For example, let’s say you think a positive thought like “I’m a funny person”.

Well, it can be completely valid to think that way, and it might be completely valid for someone else to think that you’re not funny, just because humor is so subjective!

The thing to appreciate here is that if this is a valid opinion of yourself that benefits you, and you can accept it, of course go ahead and think this way. It’s completely intelligent to have a constructive valid opinion of yourself.

For this particular example that we’ve the selected with the thought of you being able to achieve a lot of things with your life, this is more of a matter of fact. So if you are using the Positive Thinking Tool, you just click here to appreciate that it is clearly true and valid.

Now there’s one other really important thing to do to intelligently think more positively, and that’s to consciously make the choice to think more positively. This is something that a surprising amount of people don’t do, which prevents them from enjoying the benefits positive thinking.

To understand this, imagine there’s a door in your house, and you know that if you opened it, it would let in some light and warmth. Instead of living in a cold, dark house, you would live in this house filled with warmth and light.

You can intellectually understand that opening the door would benefit you, and why it makes complete sense to open the door, but until you choose to open the door, you’re not going to benefit from it. Nothing’s going to happen.

It’s the same thing with positive thinking. You can intellectually understand why a thought would benefit you a lot, and why it makes sense to think that way, but until you choose to consciously start thinking that way for your own good, you’re not going to benefit from that positive thought.

So that’s why a really important step for thinking more positively the smart way is to consciously choose to start thinking more positively, but only after you understand why it benefits you, and why it makes complete sense to think that way.

This is something you’ve learned how to do in previous lessons, and the reason why you have to understand those things before making this choice is because this choice to think more positively will only be effective once you understand why it benefits you and why it makes sense to think that way.

If you’re using the Positive Thinking Tool, you can click “think this thought” and this completes the whole thinking change process.

In the previous lessons you’ve gone through all the steps that it takes to get rid of a negative thought like “I have failed to achieve a lot of things” in order to replace it with a more positive thought like “I can still achieve a lot of things my life”.

What I want you to appreciate right now is that this process that you’ve learned in all these lessons changes your thinking on such a deep level, it’s like you have rewired your brain by going through the steps.

This is because you have completely eliminated your motivation to think this negative thought, and you’ve completely increased your motivation to think this really positive thought, which means you start thinking more positively automatically moving forward, which is why your life is always better in each and every way moving forward.

You don’t have to remind yourself to think more positively. It’s something you naturally and automatically do now.

So right now, take a moment to appreciate everything that you learned and gained from these lessons, and appreciate that what you’ve done is really intelligent. You’ve learned how to think positive thoughts that clearly benefit you and that makes sense, and you’ve chosen to think this way for your own good.

Alright, that’s it. Thank you for going through these lessons, and I will see you in another lesson.


In this lesson you learned how to remain positive the smart way by identifying useful positive thoughts that are clearly true or valid, and that your mind can comfortably and honestly accept.

You also learned why consciously choosing to think these thoughts for your own good is important.

And overall, you learned how all the steps you’ve learned in these lessons help you rewire your mind for positivity, so that it’s easy for you to stay positive rather than ever struggling with negative thinking that works against you.

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