​​​​How To Beat Depression Fast

How quickly can depression be cured?

Contrary to what many people think, you can get rid of depression very fast.

It is important to appreciate this, because if you think that getting rid of depression will take a long time, no matter what you do,  then you will predictably struggle with depression much longer.

Does it always take a long time to stop being depressed?

The belief that it always takes a long time to get out of depression is a self-fulfilling belief.

Here’s how it works: when you think that it always takes a long time to stop being depressed, no matter what you do, you feel more powerless and helpless about your situation. This creates feelings of greater stress and anxiety, which contributes to depression.

Furthermore, you don’t appreciate yourself or your capabilities, since you’re not appreciating that you can do things to get rid of depression faster. This translates into lower self confidence and lower self esteem, which also contributes to depression.

And, finally, when you believe it takes a long time to get rid of depression, no matter what you do, you are less motivated to do things that would help you stop being depressed, like improving your thinking and lifestyle.

The predictable result of all of this is that if you believe it will take you a long time to stop being depressed, you will experience a long struggle with depression, although you might not appreciate the role that your self-fulfilling belief played.

Can you get out of depression quickly?

The great news is that you can get rid of depression very quickly, depending on what you do.

Remember, as the placebo effect proves, the most important factor for getting rid of depression is to improve your thinking. If you just improve your thinking, you will already feel better and start getting out of depression.

But if you improve your thinking with other positive changes that you’ve learned about (exercise, sunlight, sleep, omega 3, enjoyable social interactions), you will get rid of depression very fast.

This is because the benefits of these positive changes reinforce each other to create a very powerful upward spiral in your life.

How to cure depression fast

To understand how you can easily create an upward spiral that helps lift you out of depression, consider an example of how different positive changes affect one another:

  • When you think more positively, you feel more upbeat and energized, which makes it easier for you to exercise.
  • When you exercise, you enjoy greater clarity of mind and feel better overall, which makes it easier for you to think more positively.
  • When you think more positively, you also enjoy great peace of mind, which makes it easier for you to enjoy restful sleep.
  • When you sleep restfully, you feel refreshed and clear-headed, which makes it easier for you to think more positively.
  • Also, the better you sleep, the more energy you have to exercise, and the more you exercise, the easier it is for you to get a good night’s sleep.

As you can see, these positive changes are all connected and reinforce one another. Each one is great and beneficial on its own, but when combined they’re far more powerful.

Indeed, when combined they create a powerful upward spiral that lifts you out of depression.

The more of these positive changes that you combine, the faster the upward spiral.

How quickly can you get over depression?

When you consider all this, it is ultimately up to you how fast you get rid of depression, since you have the power to combine positive changes that will help you get rid of depression faster and easier.

The best thing to do is to turn eliminating depression into a game, where you see how quickly you can get rid of depression by combining the 6 depression-free changes you learned about.

If you did all these things every day, you could definitely eliminate depression in a month, provided you eliminated enough depressing thinking. No doubt about it.

Want to do it faster than this? As crazy as it might sound, you could even get out of depression today, if you replace enough thinking that makes you depressed with thinking that makes you happier and depression-free.

If this sounds impossible or “unrealistic” to you, that’s fine. But here’s the thing: you’ll never know what amazing things you’re capable of achieving, if you never try.

For this reason, starting today, challenge yourself to see how quickly you can get rid of depression by improving your thinking and making other positive changes in your life.

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