​​​​How To Stop Negative Thinking: 3 Keys For Negative Thoughts

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In this video, you’re going to learn the three magic questions to ask to determine whether your thinking is negative.

As a teaching tool I’m using the Positive Thinking Tool. Now let’s get started.

Previously we identified a thought (“I have failed to achieve a lot of things”) as being a negative thought.

How do we know for sure that this is a negative thought? The way you can determine that is to ask 3 basic questions.

Think about the thought “I have failed to achieve a lot of things”, and then ask yourself this: does this thought help me achieve something I want? Does it help me feel better? Is it useful, and does it add positive value to my life?

If you ask yourself these 3 questions about the thought, and you will probably determine the following: it doesn’t help me achieve something I want, it even makes me do something I don’t want. It makes me feel bad and miserable and makes me less successful. It’s useless and doesn’t add any positive value to my life.

If you come to these three conclusions you can know without a doubt that this is a negative thought that adds no positive value whatsoever to your life.

The key thing here is for you to choose to see little or no value in this negative thought for all these reasons, and by doing so you make it really easy for your mind to start letting go the negative thought and never think it again.

So congratulations. You now know how to determine for certain whether your thinking is negative or not, and how to make it easy for you to let go of a negative thought. I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson.


In this lesson, you learned how to stop negative thinking by knowing how to determine whether your thoughts are negative or not, using the 3 keys for negative thinking. Continue to the next lesson for more step by step instructions on how to improve your thinking.

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  4. How to stop negative thinking: 3 keys for negative thoughts
  5. How to clear your mind of negative thoughts (even if they’re true)

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