​​​​Why Can’t I Stop Being Depressed?

From this moment forward, it’s extremely important that you stop believing that you can’t eliminate depression, and that you’re at least open to the possibility that you can get rid of depression for good.

As the placebo effect for depression proves, the single most important factor for getting rid of depression is to believe that you can become depression-free.

So if you think that depression is a lifelong condition that you can’t permanently eliminate, then you’re not doing the single most important thing that will help you stop being depressed. Instead, you’re thinking in a way that makes you continue to struggle with depression.

For this reason, take just a moment to examine you’re thinking, and see if there’s any reason why you believe you can’t stop being depressed.

7 reasons you might think you can’t stop being depressed

Below are some very common reasons people think they can’t eliminate depression. See if any of them resonate with you, and appreciate that the belief that you can’t stop being depressed contributes to your depression.

  1. I can’t pull myself out of depression because depression is a chemical imbalance
  2. I can’t get rid of my depression for good because depression is a disease that I’ll always have
  3. I can’t beat depression because depression is a disorder that I have
  4. I can’t help feeling depressed because depression is genetic and hereditary
  5. I can’t cure my depression because depression is a mental illness that I can’t help having
  6. I can’t overcome my depression, because even on days when I’m happy, my depression is still there even if I’m not showing any symptoms of it
  7. I can’t snap out of depression because depression is just a part of me and who I am that never goes away, no matter what

Believing you can’t eliminate depression is depressing

The big insight is that no matter your reason for thinking it, the belief that you can’t eliminate depression works against you and keeps you depressed. This has been clinicallly proven in every single drug trial ever conducted, via the placebo effect.

And it makes completes sense, if you think about it.

After all, if you think that you can’t ever get rid of depression, you feel powerless and helpless about your situation, which creates a lot more stress and anxiety for you. Furthermore, you feel worse about your life and future, since you think you’re doomed to always struggle with depression.

All of this already makes you feel depressed.

The nail in the coffin, however, is that believing you can’t eliminate depression kills your energy and motivation to do things to get rid of depression for good, like improving your thinking and lifestyle in ways that help you become and remain depression-free.

The result is that you remain depressed, and the belief that you can’t eliminate depression becomes a self-fulfilling belief that is “confirmed” for you every day. In this way, you start living in a prison of your own making.

Depression is just a temporary condition you can change

One of the first things you learned in this course was to think about depression differently than most people. Specifically, instead of seeing depression as a disease or disorder and so on, see it as just a temporary condition that you can change and get rid of for good.

For example, just like you can change the condition of a balloon from deflated to inflated by blowing air into it, you can change your condition from depressed to depression-free by improving your thinking and lifestyle.

Part of the reason it’s so powerful and helpful to see depression this way is that it naturally helps you eliminate the baggage of believing you can’t do anything to get rid of depression.

If for any reason you insist on seeing depression as more than just a temporary condition, make sure that you still think you can stop being depressed, in the following kind of way: “Even if depression is X, I can still get rid of it for good”.

For example, “Even if depression is a disease, I can still get rid of it for good”.

This type of thought will already be enough to help you stop being depressed, although you would be much better off thinking of depression as just a temporary condition, without adding the heavy baggage of thinking of it as a disease or anything else.

You can and will become depression-free

Remember, what ultimately causes depression is your thinking, and what ultimately sets you free from depression is changing your thoughts.

You have just learned why believing you can’t eliminate depression makes you struggle with depression and keeps you depressed.

The good news is that believing you can get rid of depression has the opposite effect. It makes you feel better and happier about your situation, and naturally already helps you stop being depressed.

Indeed, as the placebo effect for depression proves, it is the single most important factor for helping you become and remain depression-free.

For this reason, the next step for you is to learn more about why you can be completely confident that you can and will eliminate depression by improving your thinking and lifestyle.

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  4. Why can’t I stop being depressed?
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  6. What is the best way to beat depression?

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