​​​​I Lost My Confidence: How Do I Get It Back?

If you’ve lost confidence in yourself, don’t worry. As you’ll soon see, you can easily learn how to get your confidence back.

But before you start doing that, it’s helpful to understand why you lost self confidence in the first place, so that it doesn’t happen again.

Why did I lose confidence in myself?

If you’ve lost self confidence, it’s because you don’t think as positively about yourself and your capabilities as you once did.

More specifically, if you lost confidence in yourself, 3 things happened:



Click on any of these factors to learn more about what makes you lose confidence in yourself.

How to get confidence back & how to avoid losing confidence again

The overall lesson is that thinking less positively about yourself and your capabilities creates a loss of self confidence. So, in order to gain self confidence, rather than continue losing it, just do the opposite.

Indeed, this is the entire secret to regaining your self confidence: thinking more positively about yourself and your capabilities.

Or, as people commonly put it: believe in yourself more. (Which is something you’ll learn more about very soon.)

How do I stay confident once I regain my self confidence?

Since you begin losing self confidence the moment you start doubting yourself and your capabilities, once you feel confident again, don’t doubt yourself or your capabilities any more.

This is how to stop losing self confidence in the future.

If you currently struggle with self doubt, it’s no big deal. You’ll learn how to overcome and eliminate self doubt soon enough, so that you don’t struggle with it anymore.

For now, however, the main point is this: being free of self doubt is the key to not losing confidence in yourself again.

Teach me how to get my confidence back fast

You don’t have to exercise, lose weight, make a lot of money, wear fancy clothes, or look like a super model to feel more self confident. After all, having more confidence in yourself is simply a matter of thinking more positively about yourself and your capabilities.

Since you can easily improve your thinking and think more positively in five minutes or less, this means you can definitely become more self confident than you are right now in less than five minutes.

All it takes is knowing how to believe in yourself more, and then doing so. Its that simple.

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