​​​​Is It My Fault That I Am Depressed?

Is depression your fault?

If you think that depression is your fault (or someone else’s fault), be aware that blaming yourself or others for your depression only makes you more depressed and prevents you from becoming depression-free.

So if you’re doing this, stop doing it immediately. Here’s why, as well as what to do instead.

Depression is my fault: that depresses me

Blaming yourself or others for your depressed condition is extremely stressful, especially since in means that you are always angry with yourself or others for being depressed.

This stressful emotional state keeps you feeling bad and depressed, thereby preventing you from becoming happier and depression-free.

Also, if you spend time faulting yourself or others for being depressed, you’re not focusing on doing things that could make you happier and depression-free, like improving your thinking and lifestlyle.

So, you predictably don’t do things that would help you eliminate depression, and in yet another way, you guarantee that you will remain depressed.

Rethink the value of blaming yourself or others

The big lesson, here, is that blaming yourself or others for your depression is of no value to you whatsoever. There is literally no good that comes from it.

Indeed, if you’re playing the blame game, you’re depressing yourself, so it’s important to appreciate how your depression and blame go hand in hand.

Remember, the biggest thing you can do to get rid of depression is to learn how to change your thinking, and right now you have a huge opportunity to do that.

In this case, even if it’s valid to think that you’ve made yourself depressed with your thinking and lifestyle, or that others have negatively influenced you, it doesn’t mean that you have to fault yourself or others for your depressed condition.

For example, you don’t have to think thoughts like “I blame my parents for my depression, because they taught me to think in negative ways.”

Instead, you can do something that’s a lot smarter and far more beneficial.

Be thankful & credit yourself for taking action

When you consider how depression alerts you to opportunities for improvement in your life, like changes that you can make in your thinking and lifestyle…

It makes no sense at all to blame yourself or others for your depression, as if it’s wrong to be depressed, or as if it’s the worst thing that could happen to you.

Instead, it makes way more sense to be thankful that you have been alerted to opportunities for improvement in your life, and to then credit yourself with everything you’re doing to improve your life and get rid of depression.

This is a much smarter and far more beneficial thing for you to do, especially since it helps you get rid of depression faster and easier.

Appreciate yourself & eliminate depression faster

Already, you can probably tell the immediate huge difference between blaming yourself for depression and crediting yourself for what you’re doing to stop being depressed: blaming yourself feels bad, while crediting yourself feels great.

So, by feeling better due to appreciating and crediting yourself, you’re already helping yourself get rid of depression faster and easier. 

Furthermore, you naturally increase your self esteem and self confidence every time you give yourself credit for doing something that helps you get rid of depression, like improving your thinking or getting more exercise.

This increase in self esteem and self confidence also helps lift you out of depression.

Finally, the better you feel about everything you’re doing to eliminate depression, the more energized and motivated you are to do things to eliminate depression and remain depression-free, like improving your thinking and lifestyle.

The overall result is that just like “magic” you find it a ton easier to become and remain depression-free by appeciating yourself more and replacing blame with credit.

So it’s a no-brainer: never blame yourself or others for depression (ever!), and instead, always appreciate and credit yourself for everything you’ve learned and done to become depression-free.

Credit yourself right now for what you’ve just achieved

You’ve just learned how to replace playing the blame game for depression with crediting yourself for everything you’re doing to become and remain depression-free.

This is a huge achievement!

Just take a moment to appreciate how much easier it will be for you to eliminate depression, once you no longer waste another second blaming yourself or others for depression, and instead spend all that time appreciating your capabilities and giving yourself credit for what you’ve achieved.

This is a night and day difference, because it’s the difference between beating yourself up versus building yourself up.

So be sure to appreciate what you’ve learned and achieved right now, before learning the next step for getting rid of depression even faster and easier.

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