​​​​Enjoy Becoming Happier & Feel Happy Faster

If you want to become a happier person and stay happy consistently, it’s important that you:

  • Stop disliking becoming happier, and stop feeling uncomfortable with happiness in any way
  • Start enjoying becoming happier, and feel completely comfortable with happiness

Here’s why.

Why enjoy and feel comfortable with becoming happier?

There are 3 main reasons for enjoying becoming a happier person, and feeling completely comfortable with experiencing happiness:

  1. If you dislike feeling happy or feel uncomfortable with this emotion for any reason, becoming happier will be a stressful struggle for you  

When you dislike or feel uncomfortable with happiness:

  • You have less energy and motivation to become a happier person
  • So you predictably do fewer things to make yourself happier (like replacing negative thoughts with positive ones)
  • As a result, you predictably have much less success and achievement in becoming happier
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  • Also, when you achieve any feelings of happiness (if, indeed, you ever do), you naturally feel less happy, due to not enjoying or feeling comfortable with this feeling
  • This naturally compels you (and your mind) to find a more comfortable ‘unhappy’ state for you that doesn’t feel so weird of unpleasant in some way
  • So, you will quickly revert to an unhappy way of feeling, or you will feel like you are ‘forcing’ youself to be happy: either way, feeling happy becomes a miserable struggle, rather than a pleasurable joy

  1. When you enjoy feeling happy and are completely comfortable with experiencing happiness, you naturally become happier faster and easier  

When you enjoy and feel completely comfortable with happiness:

  • You naturally have more energy and motivation to become and remain a happier person
  • So you predictably do more things to become happier and stay happy consistently (like improving your thinking)
  • As a result, you naturally have way more success and achievement becoming happier and staying happy on a regular basis
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  • Also, when you achieve any feelings of happiness, you’re naturally already happier, due to enjoying and feeling comfortable with this emotion
  • Furthermore, feeling happy feels completely natural to you and doesn’t feel weird in the slightest, so you’re not ever ‘searching’ for unpleasant emotions that feel more comfortable to you
  • The overall result is that it’s easy for you to become happier and happier, and to stay happy consistently, since it is a state that you fully enjoy and welcome in your life, and are completely at ease with

  1. It makes complete sense to enjoy becoming happier and to feel completely comfortable with this positive emotion, especially considering how beneficial happiness is for you  

Just as it is neither right nor wrong to feel happy, it’s also neither right nor wrong to enjoy or feel comfortable with this positive emotion.

However, it certainly makes a great deal of sense to enjoy and be comfortable with feeling happy, especially when you consider:

  • Happiness is a wonderful, positive thing that makes life more enjoyable and worthwhile
  • It not only benefits you, but it also benefits people around you (don’t you naturally tend to enjoy being around people who are happier?)
  • Indeed, it’s beneficial and sensible to enjoy and feel comfortable with being happy, in ever way that you look at it; if you are still not clear on this, however, you can review how to feel happy & why you would want to feel this way

Click on any reason for more information.

Then, eliminate and replace any negative thoughts that make you dislike or feel uncomfortable with becoming happier.

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Section 2 Lessons:

  1. Enjoy becoming happier & feel happy faster
  2. Become happier with or without help from others
  3. Become happier faster without blame or failure

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