​​​​Negative Thoughts: How To Identify Negative Thinking

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In this video you’re going to learn what negative thinking is and how to identify negative thoughts that make your life worse.

As a teaching tool I’m using the Positive Thinking Tool. Let’s get started.

The best way to think about negative thoughts is to think of them as thoughts that work against you and make your life worse in some way.

Generally these are thoughts that make you feel bad, or that make you less confident, or less successful. The best way to really identify negative thoughts that are actively making your life worse is to ask: what is it that I want to achieve?

For example let’s say you want to be happier, more confident ,more successful. You say, okay, now what are the thoughts that are making it harder for me to achieve this? What are the thoughts that are working against me?

So it will be different for every person.

What you’ve got to do is identify the thoughts for you that are making you feel bad, or anxious, or less confident, or that are killing your motivation to take action, thereby making you less successful.

You’ve got to identify those thoughts that you’re aware of that you think: my life would be so much better if I wasn’t thinking this way.

For our example we’re using a thought like “I have failed to achieve a lot of things” because a lot of people can dwell on past failures in their life, and if you dwell on things that you fail to achieve, you’re definitely less happy, you’re less confident, and you’re less successful.

So this is a perfect example of a negative thought that would be great to eliminate, and in the next lesson we’re going to teach you how to start doing that. So if you’re using the Positive Thinking Tool, you can click “change this thought”, and I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson.


In this lesson, you learned how to identify negative thoughts that work against you and make your life worse. This knowledge will make it easier for you to get rid of these kinds of thoughts. Continue to the next lesson for more step by step instructions on improving your thinking.

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  2. Negative thoughts: how to identify negative thinking
  3. Why knowing the effects of negative thinking helps you
  4. How to stop negative thinking: 3 keys for negative thoughts
  5. How to clear your mind of negative thoughts (even if they’re true)

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