​​​​Can You Be Depressed For No Reason?

Is it possible to be depressed for no reason at all?

And, if you’re struggling with depression, can depression just go away on its own without you doing anything?

It’s important to understand that depression is not a mysterious condition that appears for no reason at all, and then one day disappears all by itself.

After all, if you think that depression is just something that comes and goes for no rhyme or reason, then you won’t be motivated to do anything to become and remain depression-free. The predictably result is that you will struggle with depression for longer.

So to get rid of depression for good faster and easier, appreciate that there is always a reason that you’re struggling with depression, and that if and when you stopped being depressed, it’s because you did something different, whether you were aware of it or not.

Why do I feel depressed for no reason?

Sometimes it might seem like you’re feeling depressed for no reason, but there is always a reason for your depression.

Remember, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to depression (like lack of exercise, sunlight, and restful sleep), but what ultimately causes depression is your thinking.

So, if you’re depressed, you’re definitely thinking in ways that are making you depressed, whether you’re aware of it not, and this means that there is an identifiable reason for your depression: your thinking.

To appreciate this, imagine if you thought your life was wonderful in each and every way, and that every day was better than the last, and that you were looking forward more and more to the future with every passing day.

With these kinds of thoughts, you definitely wouldn’t be depressed, would you?

So this is a clear lesson that if you’re struggling with depression, you’re thinking in ways that are making you depressed, because if you thought differently you wouldn’t be depressed anymore.

Can depression go away on its own?

Does depression ever go away on its own, without you doing anything?

The answer is no. Whenever you stop being depressed it’s because you changed your thinking in some way to become happier and depression-free, even if you weren’t aware of it.

To understand this, let’s say that you think your life is awful, and that no good can come from living. As a result, you’re naturally depressed.

But then, one day, someone notices you and tells you how special and wonderful you are. And when you spend time with this person, you enjoy their company.

Without deliberately meaning to change your thinking, and without even being aware that you’re doing it, you start thinking that life isn’t so bad after all. In fact, it can be good in some ways.

With this kind of change in thought, you naturally become happier and depression-free, even if you didn’t intentionally change your thinking. When you stop being depressed like this, it can feel like depression went away on its own, even though depression went away because of something you did.

The lesson is that you can accidentally stop being depressed, but that doesn’t mean that depression ever goes away on its own. Instead, it always goes away whenever you make a positive change in your thinking, whether you’re aware of doing it or not.

Can depression come and go quickly?

The big insight is that depression is not a mysterious condition that comes and goes for no reason at all. Instead, it is a condition that comes and goes, depending on how you’re thinking and living.

This is great news, because it means that if you consistently think and live in ways that make you happier and depression-free, then you can get rid of depression for good and never deal with it again.

This puts you in a very powerful position. Indeed, it’s helpful to appreciate just how powerful you are, because most people feel powerless and helpless when they experience depression, and this feeling of helplessness stresses people out and makes them more depressed.

So, right now, appreciate that depression is not some sort of a mysterious condition that will come and go for no reason at all for the rest of your life.

Instead, it’s a condition that you can get rid of for good by improving your thinking and lifestyle, which makes you extremely powerful and capable.

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