​​​​What Is Depression?

The way you think about depression matters a great deal.

After struggling with depression all through my 20’s, I taught myself how to get rid of depression for good by thinking about depression differently than most people, and this made a huge, positive difference in my life.

Indeed, I learned that the way most people think about depression creates a long, hard, miserable struggle with depression, although most depressed people don’t appreciate this. Nor do most therapists, for that matter.

It was something I certainly didn’t even appreciate, until I changed the way I thought about depression, and I found that I was able to beat depression forever in a very fast, easy, enjoyable way, after struggling with the condition for almost a decade.

So from the beginning, appreciate that I am not going to teach you to think about depression the way most people do. Instead, I am going to teach you a better way to think about depression, which helps you eliminate depression for good faster and easier.

When you think about depression, think of a deflated balloon

Think of depression as being a temporary condition where you feel bad, down, and deflated, much like a balloon without any air in it.

It’s helpful to think of depression in this way, because it gives you a visual idea of what happens when you become depressed, as well as how your life will change once you get rid of depression.

Think about it: when you’re happy, you feel full of life, and you enjoy going out and doing things. So you’re like a balloon with a lot air in it that’s easily bouncing from one thing to the next.

On the other hand, when you’re depressed, you feel down. You might feel like the life has been sucked out of you, and you don’t enjoy doing much of anything. So you’re very much like a balloon that has been deflated.

Using this metaphor, if you want to stop being depressed and remain depression-free, the name of the game is to get back that air you lost and never lose it again.

This course is designed to help you do just that.

Depression doesn’t have to be scary

I’ve started talking about depression by comparing it to a deflated balloon. But lots of other people would start off by telling you that depression is a devastating disease, a very serious disorder that cripples you, and a terrible enemy that you have to fight.

I call this the Scary Approach To Depression, and I deliberately don’t take this approach.


Because it doesn’t help you get rid of depression. In fact, it works against you.

Think about it: the Scary Approach To Depression makes you feel a lot of stress and anxiety about being depressed. And guess what? Stress and anxiety will contribute to you feeling more depressed!

Indeed, with the Scary Approach To Depression, you naturally are more of a nervous wreck from the beginning, and you’re even depressed about being depressed.

So this is a counter-productive approach to getting rid of depression, since it takes you in the opposite direction you want to go!

I got rid of depression for good by taking a smarter, better, more peaceful approach to depression. You can easily do the same, especially since I’m going to teach you step by step how to do it.

Enjoy a more peaceful approach to depression

Let’s return to the balloon analogy, which naturally makes depression a lot less scary.

Think about it: just like any balloon can lose its air and become deflated, any person in the world can become depressed. So, it doesn’t mean that you’re inherently broken, defective, or cursed if you’re depressed, okay?

Furthermore, just like any deflated balloon can become reinflated by blowing air into it, any depressed person can stop being depressed by taking action to become happier and depression-free. So depression isn’t permanent, even if it might feel that way right now.

It’s really just a matter of learning what causes depression, what changes to make in your life to eliminate depression, and then taking action to make those changes. It’s that simple.

And when you think of it that way, depression isn’t as scary anymore, is it?

If you already feel better about being depressed, congratulations. By achieving greater peace of mind about depression, you’ve already made it easier to become and remain depression-free. (So you’ve already made progress in less than 5 minutes, believe it or not!)

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