11 Benefits of Positive Thinking

For argument’s sake, let’s say you have a clear idea of what positive thinking is and how it works, as well as how to identify it.

The next question is: so what? Why have a positive outlook in life, just because you can?

Because there’s a lot in it for you. That’s why.

Big picture view of positive thinking benefits

Remember, positive thinking is thinking that is inherently beneficial. This is what makes it ‘positive’ in the first place.

You’ve already seen the big picture view of the three primary benefits of positive thinking:

  • It helps you achieve something you want
  • It helps you feel good (or at least better)
  • It’s useful and immediately improves your life in some way

However, you can dig down deeper to identify more specific benefits that are also worth appreciating.

11 more specific benefits of positive thinking

In the interest of being more specific, here are 11 benefits of thinking more positively:

1. A more worthwhile life

The more the more you add positive value to your life with positive thinking, the more worthwhile life is for you

2. Greater confidence

The more you believe you can achieve things (a common form of positive thinking), the more self-confidence you have

3. Higher self esteem

The more value you see in yourself with positive thinking, the higher your sense of self worth

4. More happiness and enjoyment

The more positive value that you see in life, the happier you become, and the more you enjoy life

5. Feeling stronger

As your confidence and self esteem increases due to positive thinking, you also feel stronger and more powerful

6. More energy

Positive thinking often motivates and energizes you to achieve things

7. More peace of mind

The better you feel overall with positive thinking, the more peace of mind you have

8. More success

Having more energy, more self esteem, and more self confidence leads to more success

9. More enjoyable interactions with others

The more you enjoy life and value yourself, the more you tend to enjoy social interactions

10. Better sleep & health

More peaceful, positive emotions = less stressful, negative emotions that can take a physical toll on your body; the result is you enjoy the health benefits of positive thinking, including better quality of sleep

11. Greater clarity of mind

Since you have a choice, it makes sense to think in valid, acceptable positive ways that benefit you rather than in negative ways that hurt you; this is a benefit of positive thinking well worth considering

Do you want to think more positively?

Does thinking positive make a difference?

Absolutely. You just learned how you can benefit from positive thinking in many different ways, so positive thinking really does work for improving your life.

The most important question, right now, is this: do you want to think positive thoughts and become a more positive thinker?

This is because the most important factor for becoming a more positive thinker is to simply want to think more positively, and to be decisive about taking action to think more positive thoughts, regardless of whether anyone else wants you to think more positively or not.

What next?

You might want to think more positively after understanding how much it benefits you, and yet still find it very hard to think positively, even when you know how much it benefits you.

In the next lesson, you’ll learn about some of the common obstacles that many people encounter that make it harder for them to think positively.

Or, if you already know you’re committed to learning how to think more positively and eliminating negative thoughts from your life, you can take a look at my advanced positive thinking course called Rewiring Your Mind for Positivity: a Step by Step System.

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