​​​​Be Happier & More Successful & Make Hard Change Easier

Welcome to Always Greater!

My name is Dave Fonvielle, and on this website I teach you step by step how to be happier and more successful taking action and getting things done, as well as how to make any hard change more fun, relaxing, easy, and enjoyable to do.

Whether you want to be happier and more successful completing a tiny personal to do task, like doing the dishes or laundry…

Or whether you want to be happier and more successful achieving a large business goal, like launching a new product and making more money…

The tools, training, and step by step systems on this website will help you make anything easier and more enjoyable to achieve.

How long have you been teaching these things?

Since 2011, I’ve taught people simple, easy, step by step systems for changing how they think — and therefore feel — so they can feel happier and be more successful achieving their goals in a more enjoyable way.

My systems have evolved over the years, always with the goal of becoming simpler, easier, more useful, and more enjoyable.

In 2023, I decided to finally share one of my favorite systems of all, which is my system for creating InstaHabits. (InstaHabits are instant habits that you enjoy doing, so they become part of the fabric of your life amazingly fast, without the typical struggle that so many people experience when trying to form good habits.)

Why do you teach these things?

Long story short: in 2006, I had a breakthrough when I realized there was a direct connection between my thoughts, the way I felt, and how easy or hard it was for me to achieve things.

Once I realized this, I started developing systems for myself to automatically think in ways made me feel better and happier, and also made it easier for me to achieve my goals.

The results completely transformed my life in the best of ways. And in 2011, I decided to start sharing these systems on Always Greater.

FYI, you can get started learning these systems by getting my free step by step training on how to make any goal easier, as well as how to be happier and more successful achieving your goals, no matter how big or tiny they might be.

Some other quick background information

Here’s some more information about me:

  • I was born in New York
  • I was raised in Costa Rica and Brazil
  • I moved to Texas for middle school and high school
  • I graduated magna cum laude from Duke University with a B.A. in Public Policy
  • I have an M.A. in Philosophy from University College London with a distinction in Philosophy of Science
  • I currently live in Chicago with my wife, Kate, and our dog, Cooper

Here’s me and Cooper saying hello to you

Dave with Cooper Outside WIndow

Is Always Greater for you?

As a quick recap, Always Greater is for you if you want to make it easier to:

  • Think in ways that benefit you, instead of ways that torment you or work against you
  • Feel more calm, happier, and confident in general, instead of stressed, unhappy, or anxious
  • Make hard goals easier and be more motivated, comfortable, confident, and successful taking action (especially without fear, self doubt, or procrastination holding you back)

If any of this interests you, Always Greater is for you.

What if I’m not interested in getting more things done? What if I just want to feel better and happier?

You don’t necessarily have to be interested in getting more things done to benefit from the training, tools, and step-by-step systems at Always Greater.

Indeed, if you’re simply interested in changing your thinking and feeling better and happier, Always Greater is definitely for you.

However, why not get the best of all possible worlds, and feel better and happier and be more successful achieving your to do tasks, goals, hopes, or dreams at the same time?

This, to me, is the true power of the Always Greater approach.

With this approach, you can be a busy stay at home parent who feels better and happier and at the same time is more successful getting your personal to do tasks done. Similarly, you can be an entrepreneur who feels better, happier, and more relaxed, and at the same time be more successful achieving your ambitious business goals.

So, if any of this interests you, Always Greater is definitely for you.

What do I do next?

The fastest and easiest way to become happier and more successful using the methods on this website is to get the free training 3 Tiny Habits for Being Happier & More Successful.

In the training, you’ll learn 3 Tiny Habits that take 2 or less minutes combined that can have a powerful, positive impact on your life every day.

Have you already done the training? Then what did you think about it or the tools on this website, like the Daily Happiness & Success Tool? Has any of this helped you in any way?

If so, send me an email at dave@alwaysgreater.com and let me know! I’d love to hear about it.

Although I can’t respond to every email, I do read each one, and I would love to hear what you think.