​​​​Can Depression Be Cured Without Medication?

Can you get rid of depression without medication?

Absolutely. The placebo effect for depression conclusively proves that you can get rid of depression without drugs, pills, or any medication whatsoever.

Furthermore, if you already understand what depression is and what causes it, you can be completely confident that you not only can but will eliminate depression by improving your thinking and lifestyle.

This confidence is important, because it helps you get rid of depression faster and easier. Here’s why.

A lack of confidence keeps you depressed

When you lack confidence in yourself and your abilities, you naturally have lower self esteem and feel worse about yourself, which makes you more prone to depression.

But when you lack confidence in your ability to get rid of depression, your situation gets even worse. This is because if you think you can’t or won’t get rid of depression, this kills your energy and motivation to do anything to stop being depressed.

Consequently, you predictably don’t do anything that would help you stop being depressed, like changing your thinking or improving your lifestyle.

The end result is that you remain depressed. In this way, the belief that you “can’t” get rid of depression becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and keeps you trapped in a state of depression.

Being self-confident helps free you from depression

On the other hand, when you’re confident that you can and will eliminate depression, you naturally have higher self esteem and feel better about yourself. This already naturally helps lift you out of depression in and of itself.

Furthermore, with this self confidence you’re also far more energized and motivated to do things that will help you stop being depressed, like improving your thinking and lifestyle.

Consequently, the belief that you can and will eliminate depression becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And with every step you take that proves how capable you are of eliminating depression, your confidence in yourself grows and grows, which makes it even easier for you to become and remain depression-free.

The secret of the placebo effect is confidence

When you become confident that you can eliminate depression, your thinking changes from “I can’t stop being depressed” to “I can get rid of depression”.

This is the exact type of change in thinking that occurs when a person takes a sugar pill that he thinks will miraculously cure him.

So if you were wondering why the placebo effect for depression is so strong, this is why the “mere” belief that you might stop being depressed is so powerful for eliminating depression.

This belief boosts your self confidence, makes you feel happier about your future, and motivates you to take action to improve your life… Which makes it one of the most powerful and beneficial beliefs you can develop for getting rid of depression.

You have every reason to be confident

You don’t need a sugar pill to be confident! After all, you’ve already got everything it takes to eliminate depression for good, so it makes complete sense for you to be completely confident that you can and will eliminate depression with enough time and effort.

Think about it: the most important factor for getting rid of depression is to change your thinking, and you are fully capable of changing your thoughts. After all, this is what learning is all about.

Also, you are getting step by step guidance in this course about what thoughts to change and why, as well as what other things to do to get rid of depression even faster. This makes it even easier to eliminate depression.

The logical conclusion of all this is that by taking the kinds of steps you’re already taking, you will inevitably eliminate depression. It’s only a matter of time.

How confident do I have to be?

Of course, the more confident you are that you can and will eliminate depression, the better.

If at this point, you’re not extremely confident that you can and will eliminate depression, that’s fine. But, at the very least, be open to the possibility that you can and will eliminate depression.

This will already be more than enough to set the wheels in motion for you becoming depression free.

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  3. Is depression really caused by a chemical imbalance?
  4. Why can’t I stop being depressed?
  5. Can depression be cured without medication?
  6. What is the best way to beat depression?

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