​​​​What Causes Happiness: 7 Important Happiness Factors

What are the factors that lead to happiness?

7 factors that make people happy are listed on this page, with a point value assigned to each one.

What are the most important factors for happiness?

While all of these factors are important in achieving happiness, by far, the two most important factors for becoming happier and staying happy consistently are to get rid of negative thinking and to think more positively, instead.

For this reason, their point value is twice as much as any other happiness factor. 

Happiness FactorsPoint Value
No negative thinking (or negative thinking replaced with positive thinking)4
I thought positively (I was thankful for good things in my life)4
Omega 3 taken2
I got some sunlight2
I exercised2
I enjoyed a social interaction2
I’ve planned to go to bed in time to get at least 7 hours of sleep tonight2

Scoring factors affecting happiness in life

When you use the AG Happiness Tool and give yourself credit for whatever you’ve done to make yourself happier, the point values of each of your happiness achievements are multiplied for a total possible value of 512 points.

For example, if you’ve incorporated all 7 factors for achieving happiness in life, thereby getting credit for all 7 happiness achievements, your score looks like this:

4 x 4 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 512 points

Note: the original AG Happiness Tool is no longer available, but the principle remains the same for grasping the principle of exponential happiness.

Happiness factors that make a difference (BIG difference!) when combined

It’s important to appreciate that while each happiness factor is valuable and beneficial on its own, it becomes even more powerful, valuable, and beneficial when it is combined with other happiness factors.

For this reason, whenever you give yourself credit for doing any of these 7 things that make you happy, you get a score that reflects the combined impact of whatever you’ve done to become happier.

Point values are multiplied (rather than added) to show that a combination of different factors has a big, exponential impact on your life, and this is how you can become much happier very quickly.

Create an upward spiral by combining happiness factors

Your happiness creation score reflects how you can create an upward spiral in your life very quickly by combining happiness factors. This is how even a depressed person (especially, a depressed person!) can become happier much faster than most people think is even possible.

To understand how happiness factors affect and amplify one another, consider the following:

  • With better sleep, it’s easier to improve your thinking
  • With improved thinking, you’ll sleep more peacefully and feel better rested
  • With better rest and improved thinking, it’s easier to exercise and to enjoy social interactions
  • The more you exercise and enjoy social interactions, the more you naturally think more positively
  • The more your thinking naturally improves, the better you feel overall, and the better you rest
  • And on, and on, and on!

This is how you can create an upward spiral in your life very quickly, and your happiness creation score reflects that.

What to do now

If you haven’t done so already, give yourself credit for what you’ve done to become happier today, and get a score based on your happiness achievements.

And now you’ll understand how you got that score, as well how to boost your score (and your well-being) into the stratosphere very quickly by combining all 7 of these happiness factors every day.

How To Achieve Happiness & Stay Happy Consistently