How Do You Know If You Have Anxiety?

You might feel uncomfortable, stressed, or nervous at times. But how do you know if you have anxiety?

Here’s how:

If you feel anxious at all, you have some form of anxiety

There is no need for a test, quiz, or diagnosis to know if you feel worried or anxious. There is no need for even asking: do I have anxiety?

If you’re feeling that way, you know it. It’s as simple as that.

At least it seems that simple. But if it really is that simple, instead of just saying I have anxiety and that’s all there is to it, why do so many people ask themselves the following question: how do I know if I have anxiety?

Seeing anxiety as a condition or disorder

If you’re wondering whether you have anxiety, you’re probably not wondering whether you feel anxious or not. If you feel anxious, you already know that!

Instead, you’re probably wondering whether you have some type of an anxiety condition or disorder. This is a very common thing to do…

But please, for your own sake, don’t do that.

Here’s why: once you go down the road of believing that you have some sort of anxiety condition or disorder, you’ll naturally believe that you have a condition that you CAN’T help and that you CAN’T do anything about.

This type of belief has an immediate, destructive impact on your life, and will naturally create a lifetime of greater anxiety for you.

Here’s how: if your mind believes that you CAN’T do anything to eliminate or reduce the anxiety you’re feeling, then your mind has NO MOTIVATION to make any changes that will eliminate (or at least reduce) the anxiety.

The result is that you’re now “stuck” with the anxiety. (Or you resort to drugs and medication, and you have to deal with side effects and your dependency on them, since you believe it’s the “only way” for you to deal with your anxiety.)

Think about what you can do to reduce feelings of anxiety

So right now, if you’re feeling anxious, know that it’s ok to feel this way. It is simply a feeling that you currently have, and is better understood as a temporary situation than some kind of permanent “disorder” or “condition” that you have to deal with.

The best question to ask yourself at this point is this: how do I get rid of these anxious feelings without drugs or medication?

The answer to this is very simple. Start changing your beliefs and perceptions, and you will begin to feel better immediately.

(I have already written about this in articles that deal with anxiety symptoms in men and how to get over social anxiety, so you can read those articles for further information on the importance of changing your beliefs and perceptions.)

Reduce and eliminate anxious feelings right now

Of course, there is a very simple, easy shortcut to reducing and eliminating any anxious feelings that you might be experiencing right now.

At you’ll find the tools that will help take you through the steps of feeling better immediately, without any waiting period.

So go visit right now, and begin feeling better and less anxious immediately.


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