​​​​What Unhappiness Is & How It Affects You

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The more your mind understands what unhappiness is, and why it’s of little or no value to you, the more energized and motivated your mind is to help you stop doing things that make you unhappy.

For this reason, learning this information helps you stop being unhappy faster and easier.

What is unhappiness?

You can think of unhappiness as being:

  • A negative emotion that does not provide happiness
  • Something that you feel inside you, and a signal that there is something that you could improve in your life
  • Something that you can create with negative ways of thinking

Effects of unhappiness

The primary reason to stop being unhappy is that it prevents you from enjoying all the benefits of being happy.

With this in mind, here are 5 effects of unhappiness, which are also 5 ways that unhappiness prevents you from enjoying the benefits of happiness.

  1. A less enjoyable and less worthwhile life instead of a more enjoyable and more worthwhile life
  2. Less peace of mind instead of more peace of mind
  3. Less fun and less enjoyable social interactions instead of more fun and more social interactions
  4. Less energy and success, instead of more energy and success
  5. Less health benefits instead of more health benefits

The great news: once you replace unhappiness with happiness, your life improves in a very big way.

What is unhappiness to you?

The more you understand unhappiness in your own, unique way — in a way that completely makes sense to you — the easier it is for your mind to help you stop doing things that make you unhappy.

Also, the more you see little or no value in unhappiness, the easier it is for your mind to “let go” of unhappy thoughts and stop doing things that make you unhappy.

For this reason, it is in you best interest to not build up a lot of negative value in your mind about unhappiness and how ‘horrible’ it is. Rather, it’s best to understand unhappiness as something that doesn’t benefit you much other than by tipping you off that there’s something in your life that you could do to improve your situation and feel better.

Complete this achievement by writing down your own thoughts and insights about unhappiness (if you have any) and get credit for reading this information.

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