​​​​How To Boost Your Self Confidence Quickly

One of the easiest ways to increase your confidence level is to learn how to be sure of yourself and your capabilities. This means that rather than just believing positive things about yourself, you know positive things about yourself without any doubts at all.

For example, if you believe that you are someone of positive value, that’s great; if you know without a doubt that you are someone of positive value, regardless of what anyone else thinks, that’s even better.

This is because if you know something without a doubt, it means that you have an extremely strong degree of self confidence that is not easily lost or shaken. This is exactly the type of self confidence you want to achieve, if you want to be a consistently self confident person, no matter what.

An example of how to improve confidence quickly

In the classic story of “The Little Engine That Could”, a little engine pulls a train over a mountain by repeatedly saying to himself “I think I can, I think I can”.

Just by believing in himself, and believing that he can pull the train over the mountain, the little engine has a degree of self confidence that helps him pull the train over the mountain.

This is already great, but this little engine can begin boosting confidence in himself by knowing without a doubt that he can do this, and with this stronger degree of confidence, it’s never even a question of whether he can pull the other train over the mountain.

Indeed, with this confidence level, the little engine doesn’t have to say ‘I think I can’, which is basically a positive affirmation. Instead, he simply does his job without batting an eye, since there’s never any doubt in his mind that he can achieve it.

How to increase self confidence quickly & be sure of yourself

So, now you’re probably thinking: how can I improve my confidence right now with this information?

The overall idea, here, is to make the switch from believing in yourself to knowing without a doubt about yourself as soon as possible to increase your self confidence.

And the way you do this is by using your intelligence and reasoning skills.

How to boost confidence with intelligence & reasoning

Once the little engine pulls the train over the mountain, he has clearly proven that he can do it. As a result, he can reasonably know without a doubt that he can do this again in the future.

But, the little engine could also attain this degree of self confidence before he even pulls the other engine over the mountain, depending on how smart he is and if he uses his intelligence constructively.

For example, if the little engine knows anything about physics and mathematics, he can use this knowledge to already know without a doubt that he can pull the train over the mountain, even if it’s never been done before.

The lesson here: by using your intelligence constructively, you can attain an extremely strong degree of confidence much faster and easier.

Now that you know how to boost your confidence confidence level…

Do more than merely believe in yourself, and instead be completely sure of yourself, by using your intelligence to know positive things about yourself without any doubts at all.

For example, instead of just believing that you can accept, handle, learn, gain, and benefit from any situation or outcome, use your intelligence and the reasons provided in ‘How To Remain Calm And Confident‘ to know without a doubt that you can do this.

This is how to boost self confidence quickly and easily with one of the most powerful confidence boosters of all time: using your intelligence and reasoning skills constructively.

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