​​​​How To Get Rid Of Anxiety And Depression Fast

There is a strong relationship between anxiety and depression. Indeed, if you are dealing with anxiety on a regular basis, you are more likely to become depressed.

This is because the more anxious you feel, the less you enjoy life, and the more you feel fatigued and exhausted by all the effects of anxiety.

All of this contributes to depression, which is why depression and anxiety are so closely connected.

The great news is that you can easily reduce and eliminate anxiety by improving your thinking, and by doing so you naturally feel happier and less depressed. Right now you’re to learn how to relieve anxiety the easy way.

How to reduce anxiety by seeing no value in it

One of the most important things you can do to stop feeling anxiety is to see little or no value in feeling anxious.

Here’s the thing: if you think there is some sort of benefit or value in experiencing anxiety, then your mind naturally thinks in ways that make you feel anxious, since it thinks it’s doing you some sort of favor by “helping you” feel anxious.

So that’s why you’ve got to be crystal clear that the only value anxiety provides is that it alerts you that you can improve your thinking and life in some way. Other than this, anxiety provides no value whatsoever, which is why you want to get rid of it and its negative effects immediately.

For this reason, don’t ever think that anxiety is normal for you and therefore “good” in some way. Anxiety might be a normal part of your life right now, but that does not mean in it is good or beneficial in any way.

Similarly, don’t make the common mistake that thinking anxiety is good because it somehow keeps you safe from danger. Anxiety clouds your judgment, stresses you out, and leaves you feeling exhausted, so it makes you more vulnerable, rather than keeping you safe from danger.

Instead, what benefits you a great deal is feeling calm and relaxed. Once this is clear to you, and you see lots of positive value in feeling calm and relaxed, and litte or no value in feeling anxiety, you will find it much easier to change your thinking and stop being anxious.

How to stop anxiety with confidence and optimism

If you have already learned how to be more optimistic, then you have already learned how to decrease anxiety.

Think about it: by being more positive and optimistic, you’re not focusing on negative value that creates stress and anxiety. Indeed, this how to prevent anxiety from even occuring in the first place.

Also, if you have already learned to appreciate that you can accept and handle anything that happens, then you have already learned how to lower anxiety by thinking in a way that always makes you more calm and relaxed, and therefore less anxious and stressed.

Think about it: the thought that you can’t accept or handle something is the biggest source of stress and anxiety. By eliminating this stressful, negative thought that creates anxiety, and instead appreciating your capabilities, you naturally replace anxiety with peace of mind.

So appreciate that you have already learned how to ease anxiety significantly. And right now, you’re going to learn how to get rid of anxiety for good even faster and easier by challenging perceived dangers and threats.

How to cure anxiety by not seeing danger

If you assume that something is very bad, and that it will definitely hurt you in some way, you will naturally feel anxious as a result. After all, you are seeing a perceived danger and threat to your well being, which naturally puts you in panic mode.

It’s important to appreciate that you seeing the threat and danger creates this feeling of anxiety, and that if you change your thinking so that you don’t see any threat or danger, you naturally eliminate anxiety by doing so.

For example, let’s say that someone asks you to give a public speech. And let’s say you think that if you deliver this speech, and everyone makes fun of you and thinks you’re a stupid, awful speaker, this would be a very bad outcome that would definitely hurt you in some way.

Due to this type of thinking, you will naturally experience a great deal of anxiety about speaking in public, just like many other people do, because you’re seeing a perceived possible threat and danger to your well being.

A big insight here is that you don’t even have to see a physical threat to start experiencing this type of anxiety. Just the idea of someone ridiculing you can be perceived as a serious danger and threat to your well being, depending on how you think about things.

The great news is that if you challenge this threat, and question whether it’s really as bad as you currently think it is, you can easily stop seeing a perceived danger or threat to your well-being. By doing so, you naturally reduce and eliminate feelings of fear and anxiety.

How to beat anxiety by challenging perceived threats

The reason perceived dangers and threats can be so scary for you is that you assume that whatever you’re thinking about is inherently bad, and that it would be terrible, painful, and harmful if it occurred.

This is an extremely strong negative assumption that can create a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety.

So it’s in your best interest to always challenge this negative assumption by asking the following question: is it possible that I could learn, gain, and benefit from “X” in some way?

For example, if you assume that it would be terrible if people ridiculed you when you started speaking in public, ask yourself the following question: is it possible that I could learn, gain, and benefit from people ridiculing me in some way?

In this case, if you think about it, it might not be so bad if people started ridiculing you. After all, you could learn that you can accept and handle this type of ridicule, and by learning this, you would naturally be a stronger, more confident person.

So in this way, far from being your “worst nightmare”, being ridiculed in public could actually work in your favor, since you could actually learn, gain, and benefit from this experience in a powerful way, and become more confident than ever.

Once you have rationally and intelligently come to this type of a beneficial conclusion, which you can comfortably and honestly accept, you have naturally dissolved the perceived danger and threat in your mind. And as a result, you immediately reduce and eliminate any associated anxiety.

How to get over anxiety quickly by not feeling threatened

Once you successfuly analyze and dissolve perceived threats in your mind, using the method you just learned, you will naturally notice a huge improvement in how you feel.

Think about it: you naturally have freed yourself from fear and anxiety, since you’re no longer seeing a perceived threat. And at the same time, you have made it easier to be more positive, optimistic, and confident, which makes you feel even better and more relaxed.

Using the public speaking example, once you no longer see public ridicule as a threat, you naturally find it much easier to believe that you can accept and handle any outcome when you speak in public.

So already, your confidence with public speaking has skyrocketed, even if you haven’t set foot on the stage yet.

Furthermore, you find it much easier to believe and accept that you will have a positive experience up on stage, when you give your speech. So in this way, you already feel better, happier, and more calm and relaxed, just by making one simple, powerful change in your thinking.

Depression anxiety: how to treat anxiety about depression

Again, there is a strong connection between anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, many people experience a great deal of anxiety about depression, which in turn makes them feel more depressed!

At this point, it’s helpful to appreciate that this Depression-Free Course has specialized in helping you eliminate any feelings of fear and anxiety about depression, by helping you challenge perceived threats. This is one of the best cures for anxiety, since it leaves you feeling more positive, optimistic, confident, and anxiety-free.

The result is that you naturally find it so much easier to become and remain depression-free due to this improved state.

You have dissolved fear and anxiety about depression by not seeing it as an enemy or a threat the way most people do, or a serious disease or disorder that can sabotage you, but rather something that alerts you to improvements you can make in your life, much like a ringing fire alarm.

The result is that you hopefully know without a doubt that you can easily accept and handle depression in a constructive way, and that you know without a doubt that you can and will become depression free by improving your thinking and lifestyle.

All of this naturally makes you feel better, happier, more confident, and more calm and relaxed, which naturally helps you become and remain depression-free faster and easier, especially since you’re free of the fear and anxiety that so many depressed people unfortunately experience.

How to control anxiety: 4 steps

You have just learned how to eliminate anxiety faster and easier than most people, just by making simple, powerful changes in your thinking.

In summary, these 4 steps are how to help anxiety go away quickly:

  1. See little or no value in anxiety, and see lots of positive value in feeling calm and relaxed.
  2. Be optimistic and focus on positive things that you want to happen, and the likelihood that they will happen, rather than focusing on negative things or unwanted outcomes.
  3. Know that you can accept and handle anything that happens in a constructive way.
  4. Challenge any perceived threats or dangers by seeing if you could learn, gain, and benefit from them in some way. (In other words, they’re not nearly as “bad” as you might initially think, and could be even of great benefit to you, making them not scary at all.)

Moving forward, use these 4 steps to reduce and eliminate any anxiety you feel, and enjoy knowing that as you do so, you’re naturally also making it easier for you to become and remain depression-free, since you’re eliminating anxiety that can contribute to depression.

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