​​​​How To Overcome Sadness & Stop Being Sad

Why do I feel so sad and depressed all the time? I am tired of feeling sad for no reason at all, and I want to learn how to not feel sad anymore. What can I do to get rid of sadness and feel happier?

If this sounds like your situation, you can be optimistic about overcoming sadness and becoming happier, because you are about to learn step by step what to do to stop feeling sad and feel happier instead.

What to do when you feel sad and depressed: 3 steps

These three steps are how to get rid of sad feelings and feel happier faster and easier.

  1. See little or no value in feeling sad, and decide you want to get rid of sad, unhappy feelings
  2. See lots of value in being happy, and decide you want to feel happy, instead
  3. Get rid of negative thoughts that make you feel sad or unhappy, and replace them with positive thoughts that make you feel happier, instead

Let’s take a look at each of these steps in closer detail, so you can fully understand why these steps are the fast, easy way to overcome sadness and feel happier.

How to fight sadness & beat it: step 1

To stop feeling sad, it’s important that you don’t see much value (if any) in feeling sad.

Why is that?

Well, if you see a lot of value in being sad, then your mind is naturally motivated and energized to think in ways that make you feel sad. Your mind actually believes it’s doing you a favor, if you can believe that.

For example, if you thinking that feeling sad is a sign of intelligence, or that it makes you a “deep”, thoughtful person, or you believe that feeling sad is normal for you (and therefore “good”, for some reason)… Your mind will be motivated to help you feel sad, as if it’s some kind of valuable achievement.

The lesson: make sure it’s very clear to your mind that you don’t value being sad or depressed, and that you want to get rid of these negative emotions as quickly as possible. By extension, this means you want your mind to stop thinking negative thoughts that make you feel sad and depressed.

How to get rid of sadness and depression: step 2

The next step for getting rid of sad feelings is to clearly decide that you want to be happy, rather than sad.


To understand this, imagine that you get into a taxi outside an airport, and you tell the taxi driver that you don’t want to be at the airport anymore. The taxi driver might understand that perfectly, but he’s not going to start driving until you tell him where you want to go.

Your mind works the same way. For example, your mind might understand that you want to stop being miserable and unhappy, but until you clearly decide what you want to do instead (like, become happier), your mind won’t make any changes. So you will remain sad and unhappy, until you make a clear decision that you want to be happy.

The lesson: clearly instruct your mind that you want to be happy, rather than sad, by consciously deciding that you want to get rid of sad feelings and feel happier instead.

How to make yourself feel happy when you are sad: step 3

Changing your thinking is the most important factor for getting rid of sad emotions and becoming happier. By far.

After all, you instantly feel better the moment you eliminate a negative thought that makes you feel sad and replace it with a positive thought that makes you feel happy.

So even if someone gives you a list of 100 Ways To Stop Being Sad and Become Happier, toss out 99 of those ways, and focus on the most important way for feeling better: changing the way you think, so that you can change the way you feel.

More resources & tips on how to stop being sad

But I don’t know how to change my thinking. How can I stop myself from being sad, if I don’t know how to do that?

The Always Greater website has plenty of free resources that can help you improve your thinking so that you feel better faster and easier.

If you know of specific negative thoughts that are making you feel sad and depressed, you can use the AG Positive Thinking Tool to help you rewire your brain for positivity.

You can also use the AG Feel Good Tool to help you replace miserable thinking with happier thinking about a particular situation or condition. (This is how to get over something really sad and specific to you, like a break up with an ex, for example).

And, finally, you can complete the levels in the AG Happiness Program to stop feeling sad and unhappy and become a much happier person. (This is how to overcome feelings of sadness, in general, and change your life for the better in a big way).

So you have plenty of resources available to you to help you to stop being sad and feel happier today.

Try the AG Happiness Program right now to stop feeling sad and depressed and find greater happiness in life.

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