​​​​Are You Uncomfortable With Happiness?

It feels weird to be happy, for me, so I’m not very comfortable with happiness. Is there anything I can do to feel more comfortable with being happy?

Yes, there are some easy mental improvements that you can make to immediately feel more comfortable with being happy. Indeed, if you want to be a happier person and stay happy consistently, it’s important that you:

  • Stop being uncomfortable with being happy
  • Start being comfortable with being happy and staying happy consistently

Here’s why it’s so important to do this.

How being uncomfortable with happiness makes you unhappy

If you’re uncomfortable with feeling happy:

  • You’re already naturally less happy, since you’re not completely enjoying the feeling of happiness
  • This naturally compels you (and your mind) to find a more comfortable state for you that doesn’t feel so weird of unpleasant in some way
  • And if it’s ‘normal’ for you to feel sad, depressed, or unhappy, you will quickly revert to these ways of feeling, simply because they are more ‘comfortable’ to you, even though they clearly don’t make you any happier!

The lesson is that if you want to become happy and stay happy effortlessly (without it feeling like work, or as if you’re somehow trying to force yourself to be happy), it’s important that you become completely comfortable with being happy.

How being comfortable with happiness makes you happier

If you’re comfortable with being happy:

  • You’re already a lot happier, whenever you feel happy, since you completely enjoy the feelings of happiness without any sort of interference from weird, unsettling feelings
  • This means that feeling happy feels completely natural to you and doesn’t feel weird in the slightest
  • And this means that it’s easy for you to become happier and happier, and to stay happy consistently, since it is a state that you fully enjoy and welcome in your life, and are completely at ease with

This is something important to appreciate! If you are comfortable and at ease with being happy… Then it’s very easy for you to be happy and to enjoy greater happiness in your life.

So you’ll want to attain this level of comfort quickly, to make it very easy for you to stay happy.

Why being comfortable with happiness makes sense

Clearly, being comfortable with happy feelings benefits you, since it makes it easier for you to feel happy and stay happy consistently.

But it also makes sense to feel comfortable with happiness for other reasons:

  • Happiness is a wonderful, positive thing that makes life more enjoyable and worthwhile
  • It not only benefits you, but it also benefits people around you (don’t you naturally tend to enjoy being around people who are happier?)
  • Indeed, if it’s already a no-brainer for you to be happy, then it’s already a no-brainer for you to feel comfortable with being happy (it’s simply a matter of appreciating this!)

Fortunately, if you currently feel weird, strange, or uncomfortable with happy feelings, it’s no big deal to feel a lot more comfortable with happiness in just a few minutes.

Here’s how to do it.

How to stop feeling uncomfortable with being happy

Get rid of the following negative thoughts that make you feel uncomfortable with happiness.

Click on each negative thought to learn why you’re better of without it, and why it doesn’t make sense to think that way.

How to start feeling comfortable with being happy

Start thinking positive thoughts make you feel comfortable with happiness.

Click on each positive thought to learn how it helps you, and why it makes sense to think that way.

Improve your life immediately

Right now, complete this achievement by taking steps that will help you rewire your mind to be immediately more comfortable with feeling happy. This change will, among other things, naturally help you become a much happier person and help you stay happy as well.

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