​​​​What Is The Impact Of Negative Thinking?

For argument’s sake, let’s say you have a clear idea of what negative thinking is and how to identify it.

The next question is: so what? Why change your thinking and take steps to stop thinking negatively?

Because you can live a much richer, more enjoyable, more successful life without the consequences of negative thinking. That’s why.

And the more your mind understands this, the more your mind is energized and motivated to help you stop thinking negatively. In this way, learning this information helps you to get rid of negative thinking faster and easier.

Understanding the immediate negative impact

Negative thinking has an immediate, destructive impact on your life, because the moment you have a negative thought, it’s already:

  • Hindering you from achieving something that you want
  • Making you feel worse
  • Adding negative value to your life in some way

This means that there are no benefits of negative thinking like the benefits that exist with positive thinking.

With this in mind, let’s go into greater detail about how negative thinking adversely affects your life.

Effects of negative thinking

The primary reason to let go of negative thoughts is that they prevent you from enjoying all the benefits of positive thinking.

Once this is clear to your brain, it is more motivated and energized to help you take steps to stop thinking negatively. And this is how you start eliminating negative thinking on autopilot.

With this in mind, here are 11 effects of negative thinking, which are also 11 ways that negative thinking prevents you from enjoying the benefits of positive thinking.

  1. A less worthwhile life instead of a more worthwhile life
  2. Less confidence instead of greater confidence
  3. Lower self esteem instead of higher self esteem
  4. Less happiness and enjoyment instead of more happiness and enjoyment
  5. Less feelings of strength instead of greater feelings of strength
  6. Less energy instead of more energy
  7. Less peace of mind instead of more peace of mind
  8. Less success instead of more success
  9. Less enjoyable social interactions instead of more enjoyable social interactions
  10. Less health benefits instead of more health benefits
  11. Less clarity of mind instead of greater clarity of mind: since you have a choice, it doesn’t make much sense to think in negative ways that hurt you rather than positive ways that help you  

A final drawback of negative thinking: a less sensible mind

This final negative effect of negative thinking — less clarity of mind — is worth considering further, as it’s helpful for your mind to appreciate that negative thinking is just a less reasonable way of thinking, when you consider what a negative impact it has on you.

Think about it: if you can think positive thoughts that always help you, rather than negative thoughts that always hurt you, how on earth does it make any sense to think negative thoughts that make your life worse or to ever suffer the effects of negative self talk?

It doesn’t.

In this light, negative thinking is always a “glitchy” way of thinking in the sense that there is never a great, wonderful reason to do it.

What is the effect of negative thinking to you?

The more you appreciate in your own, unique way — in a way that makes complete sense to you — why negative thinking does not have a positive impact on your life, and why you’re much better off without it, the more energized and motivated your mind is to help you get rid of negative thinking.

Keep in mind that the less value your mind sees in negative thinking, the easier it is for it to let go of negative thoughts. For this reason, it’s in your best interest to not build up a lot of negative value in your mind about how ‘horrible’ the effects of negative thinking are.

Instead, it’s better to focus on how negative thinking doesn’t benefit you at all, therefore holding no positive value to you, and why you’ll benefit from getting rid of negative thoughts. This type of constructive analysis is how to energize and motivate your mind to help you get rid of negative thinking faster and easier.

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