My name is David Fonvielle, and I am the creator of

This is the story of why I created Always Greater to help people create positive changes in their lives faster and easier.

A personal experience created a personal interest

I struggled with depression all through my 20’s.

And I came close — very close — to completely surrendering and resigning myself to a lifetime of depression.

Basically, the resignation was that there would always be times that I would be happy… But then this thing that we call “depression” would hit at unexpected times, and I would just have to deal with that for the rest of my life.

So I suppose you could say that I almost quit on the hope of living a lifetime free of depression.

And this urge to give up was strongly encouraged by common ways of thinking that instruct people that depression is a disease that they can’t do anything about, that it’s simply in the fabric of their being, that they can’t be happy or “manage” their depression without medication, and on and on and on…

Fortunately, though, in one of the most memorable moments of my life, I decided that I could eliminate this thing that we call “depression” from my life.

And since other people were not doing a great job of helping me achieve that, and since the common, familiar message was that this was “impossible”…

I decided I would do it on my own.

What I did to deal with depression

I came up with a simple idea.

I decided I would approach my brain as if it were a computer and systematically “debug” any mode of thinking that I deemed depressing and replace it with beneficial thinking that would help me become depression-free.

And I did that. I spent a lot of time working out ideas in notebooks and analyzing ideas in my own way…

And the more I did it, the better I felt. And the better I felt, the more I enjoyed life, and the easier my life became.

It felt like magic to me. Except it wasn’t magic at all.

It was a learned skill that turned everything inside out… I stopped wondering “if” I could get rid of depression, and started wondering how fast I could get rid of depression.

Creating positive changes faster and easier

The common approach to depression is that dealing with depression is always a long, hard miserable struggle, that you can’t get rid of it fast, and that it certainly isn’t fun getting rid of depression.

But this was not my experience once I deliberately began changing my thinking.

Which raised the question: why not teach people a better approach to depression to help people get rid of depression in a faster, easier, more enjoyable way?

Why not enable people to have an experience with depression similar to mine, where they get excited by how fast they’re able to achieve something amazing?

For that matter, why not enable people to create any positive change they want faster and easier, since this is feasible once you know how to deliberately change your thinking?

These are the types of questions that excite me and energize me today. For me, it’s not a question of “if” people can improve their lives, but how fast they can improve their lives, and I want to help people accelerate the process of change.

And that’s why I built

Bottom line, if there’s any positive change you want to create, Always Greater can help you achieve it faster and easier.

This includes becoming happier and depression-free, as well as other beneficial changes that I haven’t even imagined yet at this point in time.

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Hi, I'm Dave Fonvielle, the founder of Always Greater. On this website I teach you step by step how to be happier and more successful achieving your goals, whether it's completing a small personal to do task, like doing the dishes, or a large business goal, like launching a new product. Get my free 3 Tiny Habits for Being Happier & More Successful training for all of this right here.