​​​​What Is Self Confidence?

If you already have a general understanding of what confidence is, then you’re ready to learn more about a very specific type of confidence that most people want and love: self confidence.

Now, what does it mean to be self confident? And where does self confidence come from?

These are excellent questions to ask, because if you want to build confidence in yourself and become a more self confident person overall, it’s important to first understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Understanding self confidence

Self confidence is a good feeling about yourself and your capabilities. So, if you’re a self confident person, it simply means that you feel good about who you are, and you also feel good about your ability to achieve things you want to achieve.

Digging a little deeper, you can think of self confidence as being a good feeling about yourself and your capabilities that:

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With these qualities, self confidence is something that benefits you in a powerful way, because not only is it a good feeling that naturally makes you happier and more successful, but it’s also something that you can develop and maintain in any situation or circumstance.

This is because it is self confidence that comes from within you, not confidence that comes from other people or things that are external to you.

Where does self confidence come from?

Self confidence comes from your abilities. For this reason, you can think of self confidence as self canfidence, since it comes from things you can do in any situation or circumstance, regardless of what others want you to do.

More specifically, self confidence comes from three powerful abilities that you, like every other human being, possesses:

  • Your ability to think positively about yourself and your capabilties (rather than negatively)
  • Your ability to be certain that you are someone of positive value and have powerful capabilities (regardless of whether others doubt this or disagree with you)
  • Your ability to continue thinking positively about yourself and your capabilities, in any situation or circumstance, no matter what

Having these three powerful abilities makes it possible for you to be very self confident; developing and using these three abilities is what actually makes you self confident.

So, if you want to become a more self confident person, it’s first a matter of recognizing that you already have all the abilities that it takes to become more self confident, and then developing and using those abilities to create greater confidence in yourself.

Frequently asked questions about self confidence

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Learn more about self confidence

Already, you have learned what self confidence is, and how you already possess everything it takes to develop greater confidence in yourself. This is a valuable achievement in and of itself, since this knowledge opens the door for you to become a much more confident person.

The next step, for you, is to learn more about the importance and benefits of self confidence, and why it’s in your best interest to be self confident, regardless of whether others want you to become more confident or not.

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