InstaHabits: Form Good Habits That Are Easy, Effortless, Automatic & Stick From the Start

3 Tiny Habits for Greater Happiness & Success Training

My upcoming InstaHabits book will help you quit struggling to form good habits. You'll learn:

  • Why so many people find it hard to form good habits that are easy, effortless, and automatic from the start
  • Common rookie mistakes, like focusing on motivation, willpower, repetition, and frequency to form habits, instead of focusing on what matters most
  • Why making a habit super small doesn't necessarily make it easy, effortless, or automatic (that said, if you enjoy books like Tiny Habits or Atomic Habits, you'll love InstaHabits -- it'll put your small habits on steroids)
  • The step by step system I created for myself for making good habits easy, effortless, and automatic from the start
  • How to form InstaHabits: instant habits that stick without any struggle